Merkel the Jerkel


German chancellor, running for re-election, refuses to back down from her open-border immigration policy.

In New Year’s address, she said Germany will fight terrorism with compassion.

Is she kidding!

Terror attacks by Islamist migrants have included suicide bombings, axe attacks, sexual rampage and shootings in Würzburg, Ansbach, and most recently a truck that rammed into a Berlin Christmas market killing 12 and injuring 48.

Merkel insisted they were not attacks on the Western way of life, but against refugees and Germany’s willkommenskultur–unknownwelcome culture.

To which one can only politely say: Mumpitz!

More than a million unscreened migrants from Africa and the Middle East have been allowed into the country under Merkel’s open-door policy. Authorities estimate they include hundreds of Islamic State fighters who are arming migrants already in the country.

Soul sisters: combined age, 131

Merkel has been in power for 11 years and she’s asking for another term in next year’s elections. To an American, that would be like having a President Hillary Clinton for 11 or more years.

Such a prospect would be unimaginable hell on earth for American citizens, marked by mass suicides, immigration chaos, economic disaster and riots.

Thank God, or rather Trump’s ‘deplorables’ that America was spared even four years of Clinton.

The good news in Berlin is that there’s an alternative for Germany, and it’s called, appropriately enough, the Alternative für Deutschland, headed by Frauke Petry. The party has been called far-right, but Petry prefers the term national conservative.

Frauke Petry

Petry, a refreshing 41 years old, who is a chemist by education and background, is known for her anti-Muslim views and for her calls to ban minarets (those towers on mosques from which Muslims are called to prayer). Petry also says German police should use firearms (as a last resort) to prevent illegal border-crossings.

The earliest date that the 2017 election can be held is Aug. 27, and the latest is Oct. 22. Conventionally, recent elections have been held in late September to avoid the school holidays.

Immer, die richtige wahl ist Frauke Petry.

— Wilhelm Michelob for 49th Parallel Press