Marine on the move!

Macron nosedives in the polls as Marine Le Pen moves up with less than a week to go!

The mass migration madman’s lead over terrorism fighter Marine Le Pen is shrinking in Unknown.jpgthe run-up to the final round Sunday in the French presidential election.

Le Pen’s popularity has grown since she stepped away as leader of the far right Front National party and rebranded her campaign to appeal to a wider range of voters. Le Pen had already outstripped all other candidates in getting the support of young people and women in the first round of voting.

Pollster Harris Interactive, that correctly predicted the the first round result, said Macron has dived six points in recent days.images

The immigration-tough Le Pen branded the former Rothschild banker as an “arrogant and hysterical, radical Europeanist,” and a weakling when it comes to fighting terrorism. She said he has “no love for France.”

“He is for total open borders and says there is no such thing as French culture,” she said. “There is not one area where he shows one ounce of patriotism.”