Marine Le Pen, the next president of France!

The ongoing mayhem of migrant hooliganism–to the chants of ‘Allah Akbar!’–boosts the campaign of Le Pen and her Front National party.

The video below shows rampaging youths as they destroy a French suburb.


In the Paris district of Seine-Saint-Denis, hooligans threw bricks through the window of what appears to be one of the district’s City Council buildings.

The open-border policies of French president François Hollande are being blamed for the violence.

The riots started last week after a 22-year-old known as ‘Theo’ was allegedly sexually assaulted by a police officer.

More than 240 rioters have been arrested in Paris, and more than 70 detained on charges of ‘ambushing, voluntary acts of violence against public officials and law enforcers, voluntary degradation or participation in an armed assembly.’