Couple of sleazy crooks
CEO and COO of Sleaze Inc., Washington, DC.

Manafort set to nail Clinton crooks


Will nail dirty Dems!
Manafort is fighting mad!

Former Trump lawyer will turn on dirty Dems!

High ranking Democrats associated with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are next to be targeted by ‘Russian collusion’ madman Robert Mueller.

John Podesta, Clinton’s smarmy, beyond-sleaze campaign manager in the 2016 election, and Greg Craig  former White House counsel to Barack Obama, are on the hit list, writes John Nolte.

Instead of ratting on Donald Trump — since Trump committed no crime — the President’s former attorney Paul Manafort will unload on the Dems.

Mueller agreed to do a plea deal with Manafort in exchange for information. And since it won’t be against Trump, Manafort will spill his guts in a different direction.

At this point in his unsuccessful attempt to pin something on Trump, Mueller is eager to get anything on anybody.

Mueller needs to do this, writes investigative reporter John Nolte, “to justify the fact he has allowed a cloud to hang over the presidency for 18 months.”

And if the only way to do that with any dignity is to wrap up his witch hunt by going after powerful Democrats, particularly Podesta, then that’s what he will do.

The whole ‘Russian Collusion’ travesty is about to blow up in the smug, self-righteous faces of Democrats!

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