Macron can’t stand the heat

French presidential candidate bans Russian media from campaign trail because they back Marine Le Pen

Emmanuel Macron’s campaign has denied press access to two Russian state media, RT (formerly Russia Today) and Sputnik, accusing them of peddling “propaganda” and “misleading information.”

The truth is that Russia backs his rival Marine Le Pen in the French presidential election Unknown-1May 7 and Macron can’t handle that. Right-wing candidate Le Pen met Russian President Vladimir Putin in a surprise visit to Moscow before France’s first round of voting on April 23.

Macron’s decision to stifle the press and free speech was denounced as “scandalous” by the Kremlin foreign ministry.

RT called it an attempt to “curtail journalism, and manipulate the media, by selecting who can and who can’t report on his campaign.”

No other foreign news outlets have been discriminated against, regardless of their editorial policy vis-à-vis the outcome of the French election.

Untitled-5-5Sputnik and RT were created by the Kremlin for foreigners, and are available in several languages including French.

The Macron campaign did not offer specific examples of what it considered “propaganda” from RT or Sputnik. When an RT associate phoned a Macron campaign spokesperson for further comment on the matter, the Macron mouthpiece hung up.images

But the cause appears to track back to a Sputnik interview with right-wing French lawmaker Nicolas Dhuicq, who accused Macron of being an “agent of the big American banking system,” and of having “a very wealthy gay lobby behind him.” The latter reference was to an extramarital homosexual affair Macron may Unknownhave had with Radio France chief executive Mathieu Gallet, 40 (photo).

Macron, 39, who is married to his 63-year-old former high school teacher Brigitte Trogneux (pictured), publicly denied having any such homosexual tryst. But persistent rumors continue to circulate and doubts do linger.