“I beat both of them!”

An angry wild-eyed Hillary Clinton wearing a Che Guevara beret* slammed Donald Trump before her Alma Mater’s graduating class on Friday, denouncing him for  using “alternative facts” and personifying “an assault on truth and reason.”

It turns out that this madwoman lives in her own world of alternative facts. In an interview earlier in her house (not the White House) she said she defeated Republican Donald Trump and fellow Democratic Bernie Sanders in last year’s U.S. presidential election. Talk about an assault on truth and reason!

BACK TO THE REAL WORLD: First of all, Clinton’s Democratic National Committee, headed by the corrupt and evil Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, sabotaged the hugely popular Sanders campaign by slandering him in a batch of emails that were later (too late for Bernie) full of lies, religious slurs and Unknown-1outrageous innuendo.

And second — an indisputable fact that the world’s sorest loser will never be able to wrap her arrogant, entitled mind around —  Donald Trump was elected President! And is now, in fact, the President of the United States of America.


All of which makes Hillary Clinton a jackdaw of unreason. (A jackdaw,  by the way, is known for its loud screeching cry — imagine if America had had to endure Clinton’s loud, screeching voice for four years!) Thanks to the Trumpian gods, that didn’t happen — despite what she herself believes.

Unknown-3 Or is that Monica Lewinsky’s beret?Unknown