London’s top cop is a dickfefe!


Unknown-2She also botched a case that got an innocent man killed!

The victims of last week’s terrorist attack on London Bridge and Borough Market shows the diverse cultural makeup of the city, according to Police Commissioner Cressida Dick (I’m biting my tongue!).

Unfortunately, you dickhead (oops!) they were all killed by Muslims!



“Among those who died is someone who’s British, there are French, Australian, Canadian, Spanish,” she said in an interview.

UnknownBefore being appointed commissioner in April, Dick was the officer in charge of a botched police operation in which a Brazilian man, Jean Charles de Menezes, was shot dead by officers who had mistaken him for a terrorist accomplice.

The department’s first female chief — is this the best the London PD can do! — took over just weeks after a terrorist attack outside the houses of Parliament that left four dead and more than 50 injured. It was the first of three terror attacks in Britain — two of them in London — in the past three months.Unknown

Dick is no different than London’s Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan, who said terror attacks are “part and parcel” of living in a large city. Dick says the police role is merely to adapt to more terror attacks.