London's Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan

London Muslim mayor is America’s enemy

Khan is a con says Don!

Red carpet wekcome

Sadiq Kahn thinks he can humiliate President Trump during his U.K. visit by allowing a ‘Trump baby’ blimp to float over the city.

This is puerile grade school stuff. Not cool for the mayor of one of the world’s (former) great cities.

But Khan will never be cool. He’s a fool, and a weak-kneed liberal who has let the City of London go all to hell.

Under Khan, London has deteriorated into one of the most dangerous cities in the world. Knife and acid attacks are out of control.

London Knifeman

Murder, rape and a mayhem of barbaric violence are committed by illegal Muslim immigrants and so-called asylum seekers against innocent, law-abiding Brits.

Hospitals have been described as war zones by emergency ward doctors.

Pakistani-born Khan dismisses it as ‘part and parcel’ of living in a big city. Bullsht. Tokyo is the world’s largest city and it has no terrorism. It also has — guess what! — no Muslim immigrants.

Under President Trump and his tough law-and-order America First policy, there is zero tolerance for migrant lawlessness and violence.

Khan, who has shared speaking platforms with terrorists, hates Trump’s guts because he knows Trump is a fearless terrorism fighter.

And that makes Khan the Knife nervous. Trump is onto him, and Khan will one day be exposed and removed from office.

Meanwhile, the only gesture he can muster is to try and humiliate President Trump with a stupid big balloon.

How and why did this fool ever get elected mayor of London? In America, he’d be lucky (as the saying goes) to be elected dog catcher.


Trump’s have a bal in UK


An example of the force and strength of America and the Presidency is the entourage of vehicles and staff traveling with President Trump, including 1,000 staff, helicopters, planes, and his bomb-proof Limo, the ‘Beast,’ which can survive a military-style or chemical warfare attack.

The Beast

Graphic and copy courtesy of the Daily Mail.

Air Force One

The US leader will emerge from Air Force One – one of two specially modified Boeing 747-200s.

The luxurious aircraft, carrying the tail codes 28000 and 29000, are highly customised and can act as a mobile command centre in the event of an attack on the United States.

The words ‘United States of America’, the Seal of the President of the United States and the American flag are all visible on the outside of the plane, making it instantly recognisable.

The aircraft has 4,000 square feet of floor space, including a Presidential suite with a large office and conference room, a medical suite that can be used as an operating room and two food preparation galleys that can feed 100 people at a time.

Overseas trips see additional staff and security flown over on an Air Force C-32, which is a modified Boeing 757.

The Beast

The presidential motorcade, which includes two identical limousines, nicknamed The Beast, and other security and communications vehicles, is brought across by Air Force transport aircraft.

The Beast is a seven-seat black armoured limousine which reportedly costs two million US dollars (£1.5 million) and is designed to give Mr Trump the ultimate protection.

It can be turned into a sealed panic room with oxygen tanks, night-vision camera and reinforced steel plating said to be able to resist bullets, chemical attacks and bombs.

The Cadillac has Kevlar-reinforced tyres and steel rims that can keep the vehicle moving even if the tyres have been destroyed.

Bottles of the president’s blood type are carried on board in case of a medical emergency, and a satellite phone enables communication to be maintained from anywhere in the world.

As well as being able to defend the president, the car also features a host of attacking capabilities, such as a pump-action shotgun and a tear gas cannon.

Marine One

A number of presidential helicopters, either VH-3D Sea Kings or VH-60N White Hawks – which are known as Marine One when the president is on board – are also brought on overseas trips.

The Marine One helicopter is fitted with communications equipment, anti-missile defences and hardened hulls.

Staff and security personnel are ferried around in MV-22 Ospreys and CH-46s.


Staff typically involved in an overseas trip include Secret Service post-standers, military communications specialists and White House aides.

The president has at his side at all times a White House doctor and one of five rotating military aides who carry the nuclear ‘football’ – equipped with communication tools and a book with prepared war plans.

There is always a group of 13 members of the press on such visits, including three wire reporters, two print reporters, four photographers, a three-person television crew, and a radio reporter.