Republican ad banned

Liberal media can’t handle the truth!

CNN, MSNBC and other politically-correct, lamebrain, un-American left-wing mainstream media refused to run 30-second Trump campaign ad tying caravan migrants to an illegal immigrant who killed two police officers and gloated about wishing he had killed more! 

GOO ad banned

Even though it’s true! But what the hell does the Trump-hating media care about the truth! As long as they promulgate any and all politically-correct bullshit that undermines the democratically elected President of the United States, for whom and for which they bear a psychotic and treasonous hatred.

So, in the interests of America and the American way, all you can say, vis-à-vis the psychotic anti-Trump media, is:  fuckem!

SEE BANNED VIDEO in story here (Scroll down for video)