La France est finie!

France is in “a tragic and terrifying moment” in its history.

We have arrived after decades of mistakes and self-hatred at the end of the road,” said famed political journalist Éric Zemmour in a damning interview.

Islamization of France

“France has been white and Christian, but now it is being colonized by a foreign civilisation,” said the author of Le Suicide Français and most recently Destin Français.

And the worst of it is, the Islamization of France has been planned all along by dangerously liberal globalist President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron planning Islamization of France

Macron’s Secret Islamization Plans

French Education Minister wants mandatory teaching of Arabic in schools

Éric Zemmour, whose new book Destin Français was released Wednesday, caused an uproar among liberal globalists a while back when he said Muslims “should be deported to prevent civil war.”

After a Jewish woman was brutally murdered by a madman in Paris last April, Zemmour said that unrelenting Islamic violence would lead to an exodus of non-Muslims from French cities and towns.

“It’s solely because they are French, because they are Jewish, because they are Christians, because they are ‘infidels,’ as they say in the Muslim religion.”

This exodus of non-Muslims is consequently leaving those areas under the dominance of Islamic immigrants.

“The result is that there are more and more territories composed uniquely of Muslim populations, since the others run away because of this violence.”

No-Go Zones Spreading Across France