Kurz & Orban vs. the EU



Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz and anti-Muslim firebrand Viktor Orban of Hungary vowed Tuesday to fight the European Union’s reckless policy of mass immigration.

“The biggest danger today to the hopeful future of central Europe is migration of peoples,” Orban said at a joint news conference with Kurz in Vienna.


“When I say that the future needs to be protected I mean that we have a culture, a Christian culture,” Orban added. “We have a way of life, and we want to protect this way of life.”

Orban, 54, has called immigration the “Trojan Horse of terrorism” and labelled migrants as “Muslim invaders” of a Christian Europe.

Kurz, who at 31 is the youngest leader in Europe, said his new right-wing Austria wants be a “bridge-builder between the Visegrad states and the countries in western Europe.”

The Brussels-based European Commission is engaged in legal battles with the Visegrad countries of Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia for refusing to accept their quotas of illegal immigrants and so-called asylum seekers because of the consequent effects of migrant mayhem, rape, pillage and murder.