Trudeau is “delusional”

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau believes that Canadian ISIS fighters returning home can be reintegrated and deradicalized.

This is not only unwise, but delusional, writes Tom Quiggin, a court appointed expert on jihadist terrorism, in Gatestone.

The returning terrorists will be a “powerful voice for deradicalization,” Trudeau has imagessaid, and that those who oppose their return are “Islamophobic.”

Additionally, Trudeau’s dangerously liberal government refuses to add the names of these returning terrorists to the United Nations committee responsible for the listing international jihadists.

“Trudeau’s position on Islamists should be of concern to both Canadians and Americans,” Quiggin writes. “While the history of Canada and American relations is largely positive, Islamist attacks against America have been attempted from Canada.”

Tom Quiggin’s story HERE.