Migrant rape crimes spiraling out of control

Thousands of German women and children have been sexually assaulted since Chancellor Merkel let in two million unvetted migrants and refugees from Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

Illegal, mostly-Muslim migrants committed more than a quarter of a million crimes in Germany last year.

The way Merkel shrugs off the nightmare is unbelievable.

She dismissed the rape and murder of an European Union official’s daughter as “an isolated incident.” She insisted Germany’s migrant influx has not led to a surge in violent crime — and insane and total lie.

BEAUTIFUL YOUNG WOMAN RAPED AND MURDERED 3B044BDC00000578-0-image-m-73_1493240426066.jpg

Maria Ladenburger, 19, a medical student whose father is a legal adviser to the European Commission in Brussels, was raped and murdered in the university town of Freiburg in April by an 17-year-old illegal Afghan migrant.

Freiburg, a peaceful idyllic university town on the edge of the Black Forest is now a hellish place to live because of Merkel’s criminal open-border policy.


An 18-year-old Somalian asylum seeker broke into a sheltered care home in Neuenhaus, sneaked into the room of a 59-year-old paralysed man, raped him, and then went to an adjoining room and raped a second man. The sick maniac then murdered the 87-year-old wife of one of the victims.

As Dutch Freedom Party leader Geert Wilders says: “They hate and kill us and nobody Unknown-1protects us.” The fearless terrorist fighter blasted Merkel’s open-border immigration madness and published a photo of her with blood on her hands.

Indeed she does. Check out the disastrous and bloody failures of Merkel’s Germany since she allowed two million migrants from Africa, Asia and the Middle East to infiltrate the country and go on a barbaric rampage of rape, murder and terror.

Failed to secure the borders.

Failed to vet incoming migrants.

Failed to prosecute and imprison criminals.

Failed to deport failed asylum seekers.

Failed to enforce the law to keep citizens safe.

Failed to take action against the migrant rape crisis engulfing Germany.

Merkel’s dismissal of violent and murderous attacks and her negligence in letting it run rampant is akin to being an accessory before and after the barbaric crimes. If German citizens re-elect this lunatic, they will be signing their own death warrants.