In Europe, things are going right for a change


Marine Le Pen, head of France’s right-wing National Front, leads former Prime Minister François Fillon (center) and independent socialist Emmanuel Macron in French election polling–and she hasn’t even begun officially campaigning.



On the European political front, as in America these days, the liberal left-wing globalists are being told by voters to take a hike, get out of town, get lost, don’t come back—in other words,  f.u. and the horse you rode in on.

In the U.S., Americans are now witnessing the most stunning upheaval in the political scene. The election of brash, tough, politically incorrect Donald (‘America First’) Trump was a kick in the teeth to the Washington establishment and a shocking repudiation of the status quo. Among the many dramatic changes on his agenda is to end the current flood of illegal immigrants and refugees, many of whom bring crime, terrorism and tuberculosis to America. He will get out of NATO, put the brakes on free trade and bring manufacturing jobs back home.

imageIn France, Trump’s female counterpart Marine Le Pen, 48, will be elected president, and, like Trump, will immediately stop the uncontrolled influx of murderous immigrants. She will also get out of the European Union and break from NATO.

In Germany, Frauke Petry, 41, leader of the far-right Alternative for Germany party, will be elected chancellor later this year. Known for her anti-Muslim policies, she will end Merkel’s 11 years of ‘open-border’ migrant madness.

In the Netherlands, Geert Wilders, 53, founder and leader of the anti-Islam Freedom Party, leads the polls ahead of parliamentary elections in March. He was banned from entering the United Kingdom but went anyway, only to be deported. He was recently convicted in a ‘hate speech’ trial for remarks about Moroccans in his country that he said was a ‘politically correct’ violation of his freedom of speech. He is under constant threat of assassination and has guards around the clock.