Hillary Clinton wants to usurp the presidency

fullsizeoutput_915Hillary Clinton’s campaign is throwing itself behind an extraordinary bid to interfere with the outcome of the election by changing the vote of the electoral college.

The loser’s campaign chairman has given public support to a letter from 10 members of the electoral college who are demanding an intelligence briefing on claims Russia interfered in the election’s result before they cast their votes.

John Podesta, the aide whose leaked emails were a source of embarrassment as they revealed Clinton’s campaign secrets, said the electors should ‘have their questions addressed’.

The demand from the electors was made in a letter posted on Medium and led by Christine Pelosi, whose mother is the Democrats’ leader in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi.

They described themselves as a ‘bipartisan’ group although only one is a Republican, who had already stood down from the college so he would not have to vote for Donald Trump.


Christine Pelosi (CO) – Democrat

Micheal Baca (CO) – Democrat

Anita Bonds (DC) – Democrat

Courtney Watson (MD) – Democrat

Dudley Dudley (NH) – Democrat

Bev Hollingworth (NH) – Democrat

Terie Norelli (NH) – Democrat

Carol Shea-Porter (NH) – Democrat

Clay Pell (RI) – Democrat

Chris Suprun (TX) – Republican

The Electoral College will cast its ballots on Dec. 19 for President of the United States. Trump is due to receive 306 votes to Clinton’s 232. He needs 270 to win.

The electoral college has never defied the will of voters. In two cases it was unable to reach a majority, and the election went to the House of Representatives — in 1800 and 1824.

Trump called the CIA’s assertion that the Russian government ordered the hacking is ‘ridiculous.’

‘It’s just another excuse,’ Trump said. ‘Every week it’s another excuse. We had a massive landslide victory in the Electoral College.’

— Francesca Chambers, Daily Mail, Dec. 12, 2016