Hillary Clinton happened — that’s what happened!

pjimage-22-420x315$25 book for suckers!

People don’t have to pay $24.98 to find out why Clinton shockingly, abysmally, disgracefully and epically lost the election to Donald Trump.

She lost because she is a soulless, arrogant, nasty, power hungry, yelling, screaming, hated, money-grubbing (this book is another example of that!), corrupt, lying, cheating, cellphone smashing, email deleting career criminal who rigged the election and still lost because she had no clue how to relate to the American people, half of whom she called “irredeemable deplorables.”

Clinton has blamed everybody and everything on her humiliating epic loss, including:

  • Russian meddling.images-2
  • Comey’s letter saying he would reopen the investigation into the email scandal.
  • The Democratic National Committee’s “non-existent” data operation.
  • Bad polling numbers.
  • “Voter suppression” in Wisconsin — forget the fact she never campaigned there!
  • “Anti-American force.” (What the hell is that!?)
  • Obama for winning two terms.
  • Misogynists.
  • Choice of pantsuit colors.
  • Fake news.

And now she’s shamelessly plugging the book, making sure Twitter users see the link to Amazon where it can be pre-ordered.42C2A78800000578-4735856-image-a-59_1501219778462

“I hope this book inspires you to keep going.” — What a pompous, self-righteous, self-important line of phony bull. It will inspire us all right, to keep going away from you, since you never seem to go away.

The book comes out September 12, and at $24.98 a pop will only be snapped up by diehard Clinton fans who live in a fantasy world and whining pussy-hat liberal losers who can’t get over the democratic fact that Donald Trump won the election and is now THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

For which millions of irredeemable deplorables thank god — and Donald Trump — every morning they wake up to another day of a White House without Hillary Clinton.