The Roman Republic had Julius Caesar.fullsizeoutput_bbf

The American Republic has Donald Trump.IMG_0001.JPG

Donald Trump, one of the most unpredictable men ever elected president, is about to become the most powerful man in America, and indeed, the most powerful man on Earth.

How did this happen? In a word, writes David A. Bell, history professor at Princeton University, personality.

Donald Trump’s personality and his politically incorrect evangelism resonated with millions of voters who saw in Hillary Clinton everything they hated about the political system.

In Hillary Clinton, the Democratic Party managed to nominate one of the least personable politicians in recent memory. She lacked both her husband’s uncanny ability to bond with strangers and Barack Obama’s ability to inspire with soaring rhetoric. As her opponent accurately observed, she needed celebrities at her side to draw a crowd.

Trump, by contrast, forged a powerful, personal connection with millions of voters. Not only did he understand and channel their anger at the elites they believed had abandoned them; he delighted them with his utter disdain for the rules those elites allegedly enforced and that he mocked as “political correctness.”


Donald Trump Is Making the Great Man Theory of History Great Again