Unanswered prayers


Hillary Clinton received personalized prayers from a team of pastors every day of her presidential campaign.

The prayers arrived in her email box at 5 a.m. and were the first thing she read each morning, said her pastor, Rev. Bill Shillady (above) of New York.

And now the daily devotionals have been collected in a book written by Shillady called 51uVozJdXbL._AC_US218_“Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions Of Hillary Rodham Clinton.”

The book comes out August 15, and for $30 a pop, is available to any political candidate running for office so he or she can lose like Hillary Clinton did.

Clinton still receives the daily prayers as she struggles with the unremitting shock of losing the presidency to a charismatic real estate tycoon and TV performer by the name of Donald Trump.

Every morning, Hillary Clinton reaches deep down into her Methodist faith to try and understand what went wrong.images

She doesn’t need a bunch of pastors, or God, to tell her what went wrong.

She went wrong, that’s what went wrong.