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Trump’s National Security Adviser is out of line

Gen. H.R. McMaster, who is known for his explosive temper, has reportedly become “increasingly volatile” in the White House lately, as his anti-Trump decisions and bad judgment spiral out of control.

images-1.jpgThe three-star general was recommended for the job by one of Trump’s leading saboteurs, Sen. John McCain.

Leaks aimed at undermining the Trump presidency are coming from the hundreds of Obama-appointees who are still on the White House’s National Security staff, and McMaster has the power to fire them.

But instead of firing the Obama leakers, McMaster is letting them stay on, and instead he’s firing Trump loyalists, the very people who came in with Trump in January to implement his policies.

This has deep state machinations written all over it.

McMaster and Trump have diametrically opposed agendas, a conflict that cannot be tolerated.Unknown-3

Trump met with McMaster yesterday and would like to pack him off to Afghanistan to replace Gen. John Nicholson Jr., who Trump says is losing the war. CIA Director Mike Pompeo would then become the president’s National Security Adviser.

But Trump is biding his time, as he leaves today for a vacation at his private golf course in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Among the McMaster firings in recent days are pro-Israel staffers on the National images-3Security Council who, like Trump, are dead against the Iran nuclear deal.

One of McMaster’s worst judgment calls was allowing Obama adviser Susan Rice to continue to have access to secret information even after it became known she was the source of unmasking several Trump associates who had met with Russian officials.

A recent Trump loyalist to be fired by McMaster was Ezra Cohen-Watnick, who was trying to round up and purge deep state rogues within the government who seek to destroy the Trump presidency..

A deep state reformer fired by a deep state protagonist. Why would Trump let a man like McMaster stay on? He wouldn’t, and when the time comes, he won’t.