The French Disconnection

A climate of civil war is enveloping police unknowndepartments, schools, hospitals and politics

By Yves Mamou, Dec. 7, 2016

France will elect a new president in May 2017. Politicians are already campaigning and debating about deficits, welfare recipients, GDP growth, and so on, but they look like puppets disconnected from the real country.

What is the reality in France today? Violence. It is spreading. Not just terrorist attacks; pure gang violence. It instills a growing feeling of insecurity in hospitals, at schools, in the streets — even in the police.

The media does not dare to say that this violence is coming mainly from Muslim gangs — “youths,” as they call them in the French media, to avoid naming who they are. A climate of civil war, however, is spreading visibly in the police, schools, hospitals and politics.

Hundreds of French police officers and security forces, under immense pressure following a string of deadly Islamist militant attacks in the past 18 months, staged an unauthorized protest Oct. 17 in Paris against anti-police violence, driving their police cars and motorcycles down the Champs Elysee boulevard with sirens and flashing lights.

According to the daily, Le Figaro, “the Interior Ministry was in panic,” frightened by a possible coup.

This revolt of one pillar of French society, the police, was the biggest that ever happened in modern France. Yet, virtually no one in France’s mainstream media covered the event.

“Violence against police, hospitals, schools and teachers are attacks against pillars of the ruling domain,” Thibaud de Montbrial, an expert on terrorism, said in an interview with Le Figaro. “Everything that represents state institutions is now subjected to violence fueled by an incredible hatred of our country.”

Four police officers were recently injured—-two badly burned—-when a group of around 15 “youths” (translation: Muslim gang-members) swarmed their cars and hurled rocks and firebombs at them, in the Paris suburb of Viry-Châtillon.


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