France on high alert on eve of perilous weekend

3FF990B200000578-4476146-image-a-106_1493984726171Terrorism fighter Le Pen battles for votes

“My goal is to win this presidential election,” Marine Le Pen said Friday.

In the wake of terrorist attacks that have killed 230 people in France in the past two years, the safety of French citizens and the very survival of France is at stake in Sunday’s final-round vote.

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Bodyguards rush Marine Le Pen to safety in Reims on Friday.

The polls are against the right-wing candidate, but as Brexit and the shock win of Donald Trump proved, biased polls and self-righteous pundits can be grossly wrong.

Le Pen, like Trump, is the law and order candidate. She will defend the borders, stop unbridled immigration and rid the country of  Islamic extremists. She will also quit the European Union and bring back the iconic French franc into the currency.

Her opponent, Emmanuel Macron would do the exact opposite, and then some. The former Rothschild banker would open the borders even wider and keep France in the failed and incompetent European Union.

Le Pen took some heat for her combative performance in Wednesday’s TV debate.

Unknown“People talk about my aggressiveness, but the terrible aggressiveness is that of Mr. Macron’s plan for social deconstruction and deregulation,” she said.

“My words are only the echo of the social violence that is going to explode in this country.”

Le Pen will garner most of the votes from young people — especially first-time voters — the working class, and police officers.Unknown-2

Absentee votes will also help Le Pen, as a quarter of French voters say they will abstain in Sunday’s vote — the second-highest for a presidential election runoff since 1965.

Many of them are left-wing voters who were bitterly disappointed that their popular candidate, Jean-Luc Mélenchon, didn’t make it to the final round.