Marine Le Pen officially launches her presidential campaign

Marine Le Pen, 48, president of the right-wing National Front party is leading in the polls in France’s presidential election, scheduled for April 23, 2017.

During the launch of her presidential campaign (English translation below), Le Pen calls for an end to globalization and the beginning of “intelligent protectionism and economic patriotism.”

She envisions a France free from the “yoke of Islamic fundamentalism.”

Her attack on the European Union was practically a declaration of war, stressing she will issue a referendum to leave the EU within six months of her presidency.

Le Pen’s campaign message:

“As long as I can remember, I have felt a visceral, a passionate attachment to our country and its history. I love France. I love it from the depths of my heart, from the depths of my soul, that thousand-year-old nation which does not submit, its impetuous people who do not give up.
I am a woman, and as a woman I feel the tremendous pressure of multiplying restrictions on liberties in our country, which go hand in hand with the development of fundamentalist Islam.
I am a mother, and like millions of parents I worry every day about the state of the country and the world we will leave to our children as a legacy.
I am a lawyer, and from my years as member of the bar I retain a deep sense of respect for our civil liberties, and a particular sensitivity to the fate of the victims confronted with the impunity of criminals.
Basically, if I were to define myself, I think I would simply respond that I am intensely, proudly, faithfully, evidently French.
I perceive insults directed at France as if they were addressed directly to me.
When it concerns insecurity and violence or the misery which affects too many of our countrymen, I feel the suffering of the French as if it were personal suffering.
The choice you will make in the upcoming presidential election is crucial, it is fundamental. It is truly a choice of civilization.
Either you follow those who have lied, failed, betrayed, who have led astray the people and who have lost France, or you decide to put France back in order.
Yes, I want to put France in order.
I want the French to live free in an independent France.
I want the French to be safe in a respected France.
I want the French to be able to live protected in a prosperous France.
I want the French to live together in a proud France.
I want the French to live well in a sustainable France.
I want the French to live their dreams in a just France!
That is the nature of my commitment.
That’s what I’m fighting for.
This is the project that I will implement at the highest level of the State.”