It’s the right thing to do, they say

We asked our roving correspondent in Europe, Wilhelm Michelob,  what he foresees for Britain and the Continent next year in the wake of the new American Era of Trump.

“Well, let me put it the way,” he said by telephone from London, “If you’re planning to travel over here next year and you get lost, just keep turning right.”

Michelob filed this report:

European elites, writhing in a state of prolonged panic over the election of Donald Trump, europe-map2are desperately trying to cling to old times. That would be a land where Geert Wilders, leader of the Netherlands Freedom Party, was arrested and prosecuted for speaking out about matters that are extremely troubling to the citizenry.

Chief among the concerns are the rampant ‘open-borders’ immigration policies that have resulted in countries being overrun with illegal immigrants and refugees. The legal citizens of those countries are now caught in the middle of an epidemic of escalating crime and violence.

Wilders and other rightist politicians in Europe would put an end to the mayhem.

In keeping with all this, as the New York Times and other mainstream media wallow in an embarrassment of failed bias, the so-called alt-right media sees Europe as a prime market.


Steve Bannon, Trump’s new right-hand man (pun intended), plans to capitalize on the growing rightist trend in Europe and build a populist media empire there.


The right-wing Breitbart News Network that soared to unprecedented heights and became a household name during the Trump election campaign plans to take Europe by storm.

With bureaus already in London and Jerusalem, Bannon plans to establish new bureaus in France and Germany.


Steve Bannon

To this end, Breitbart News is backing four rightist politicians who could, in elections next year, ride the Trumpian wave of populist-nationalism to victory.

The candidates are running on platforms that would stem the flow of refugees and illegal immigrants who have thrown much of Europe into chaos. The politicians have promised to return the countries to the people, and, in the process, change the face of Europe.

The Freedom Four:


Marine Le Pen, France’s National Front Party


Frauke Petry, Alternative for Germany Party


Geert Wilders, Netherlands Freedom Party


Nigel Farage, U.K. Indepence Party