Et ça va!


Like Trump, Le Pen could ride to victory on a wave of discontent

Two-thirds of French far-left supporters won’t vote for Emmanuel Macron, saying they56oWqkVUG1I5WUx8kZe1lxW30u5686QxstxszPoZhKM will abstain in the runoff May 7 rather than vote for him just to help block Marine Le Pen.

Polls show that the absentee vote could be as high as 30 percent. And that makes the Macron team very nervous.

Brexit and the shock win of Donald Trump prove that thousands of voters who feel alienated by the current political system can pull a surprise and upend the status quo.

Widespread voter abstention by supporters of Jean-Luc Mélenchon who were bitterly disappointed that their candidate did not make it to the final round will take votes away from Macron and help Len Pen.

Mélenchon refused to tell his supporters to block Le Pen by backing Macron.

imagesPolls show that Le Pen is closing in on Macron, who has run a boring campaign since the first round of voting and done nothing to inspire people to vote for him in the final round.

Le Pen and Macron have their last showdown tonight in a TV debate where Le Pen will be on the final fierce attack against the candidate who represents “the world of finance, of arrogance, of money as king.”