Eastern Europe seen as a safe haven from terrorism


Trail of bloodshed across mass-migration Europe

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While border-controlled Hungary stays safe

Western Europeans, fleeing migrant madness, are reversing a decades-old trend by moving to Hungary and other Eastern European countries.

When Western Europe opened its borders to undocumented immigrants and so-called asylum seekers, setting off an uncontrollable wave of migrant terror, Eastern Europe did the opposite.

Hence, Hungary, unlike Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium and other mass immigration countries, is one of the safest countries in the world, free of barbarism and Islamic extremism.


Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, like President Trump, puts his citizens first. He enforces strict border controls, keeping out immigrants and refugees who are taken in by the other countries, only to repay them by destroying buildings, torching cars, raping women and slaughtering citizens.


The city of Budapest, for example, which has no Muslims, is a safer place to live than Amsterdam or Paris or Berlin. 

Hundreds of Germans, Austrians, Belgian, Dutch and Scandinavian families are buying houses in Hungary. At least a thousand Belgians, for example, now live within its safe borders.

The wave of Westerners on the move will gain momentum as Europe’s immigration crisis continues to spiral out of control — thanks to so-called “leaders” like Merkel and Macron — and terrorists gain ground in those open-border countries.