Don’t mess with Hungary!


Orbán tells Soros: Not in my country, buster!

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary and his nationalist government will ban non-governmental organizations that support migration and pose a national security risk.

Orbán’s anti-immigration campaign targets Hungarian-born U.S. financier George Soros, 86, who uses part of his $26-billion fortune to support liberal and open-border policies in eastern Europe.

Orbán has called refugees arriving in Europe “Muslim invaders” who have created “parallel societies that will never unite.”

He blames Germany’s Merkel the Jerkel and the European Union for their flagrant and reckless policy of opening the gates of hell.

The Hungarian government’s new bill will also impose a 25-percent tax on foreign donations to NGOs that support migration in Hungary.

Orban’s rejection of multiculturalism and his belief in conservative Christian values reflect those of the Hungarian people. His Fidesz party is expected to secure a third term in elections April 8.

Government billboard in Budapest: ‘Soros wants to transplant millions from Africa and the Middle East’