Deutsche Dummheit


As Merkel heads for re-election, Germany heads for trouble

Chancellor Angela Merkel and her main rival in the Sept. 24 election, Martin Schulz, both refuse to stem the flood of illegal migrants and violent asylum seekers into Germany.

Schulz, leader of the Social Democrats, is a former member of the European Parliament which continues to allow and encourage rampant unchecked mass immigration.


President Trump said Angela Merkel’s one “very catastrophic mistake” was “taking all of these illegals” at the height of the migrant crisis.

Merkel, whose decision to open the borders to unvetted refugees from mostly Muslim countries outraged many Germans, still refuses to back down from her open-border immigration policy

She has said that Germany will fight terrorism with compassion. And she wasn’t kidding!

Terrorism in Germany by illegal migrants have included suicide bombings, axe attacks, sexual rampage and shootings, notoriously the truck ramming of a Berlin Christmas market that killed 12 and injured 48.


Merkel insists they were not attacks on the Western way of life, but against refugees and Germany’s willkommenskultur — welcome culture. To which one can only say: Mumpitz!

More than a million unscreened migrants from Africa and the Middle East have been allowed into Germany under Merkel’s open-door policy, including hundreds of Islamic State fighters who are arming migrants already in the country.

Merkel has been in power for 11 years and she’s heading for another term in Sunday’s election. To an American, that would be like having a President Hillary Clinton for 11 or more years.

UnknownSuch a prospect would be an unimaginable hell for American citizens, marked by immigration chaos, economic disaster, suicides and riots, not to mention World War III.

The right-wing party that was offering an alternative for Germany — appropriately called the Alternative für Deutschland, and formerly headed by Frauke Petry, is now in the charge of Alice Weidel, 38, and Alexander Gauland, 76.

Weidel has rallied against political correctness, claiming that it belongs on the images“garbage heap of history.”

Whether its because of political correctness, stupidity or a general national lethargy, Germany apparently is content to stick with the Jerkel.