Deputy Attorney-General next to go?


The days may be numbered for suspected Deep State operative Robert Mueller who’s trying to nail President Trump with his phony witch-hunt about Russian interference in the U.S. election.images

But first, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, the guy who appointed Mueller, and another Deep State member, will have to be fired.

Since Attorney General Sessions recused himself from the Trump-Russia collusion probe, Rosenstein is the acting attorney general in the investigation, and as such, has the authority to fire Special Counsel Mueller. But he has stated that he’s not about to do that.  Ergo, Rosenstein must go.

And Republicans are now on the hunt after a memo revealed that Rosenstein reauthorized surveillance of former Trump campaign associate Carter Page based on evidence in a fake Russian dossier that was paid for by the Democrats.

That is enough for images-1Trump to fire Rosenstein.

And with Rosenstein gone, Republicans would replace him with someone who is not out to get President Trump, and who, in fact, would then fire Mueller. Aha! Fait accompli.