Democrats stuff their faces while U.S. troops go without pay


HEARTLESS DEMOCRAT Nancy Pelosi hosted fellow Dems at an expensive Washington restaurant on the first day of the U.S. government shutdown and lived high on the hog without a thought for the troops.

US soldiers arrived from Afghanistan wal

The cold-hearted Democrats were celebrating their success in shutting down the government to protect illegal immigrants while brave soldiers continue to protect them and all Americans without getting paid.

The menu at the Italian restaurant, Acqua al 2, has food to die for. And for Dem bums to go there and live high on the hog is the most hideous insult to the troops who are dying for a lot less.

Family members and friends of the men and women in the military bombarded Pelosi on social media for her callous disregard for their loved ones who put their lives on the line 24/7.

“My U.S. Army daughter is not getting a paycheck while illegal aliens get more support from Democrats then she does,” tweeted one Florida mother. “Holding up military paychecks is shameful. They risk their lives with high explosives for God’s sake.”



White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders spoke for many of the family members when she tweeted: