Czech Republic’s ‘Donald Trump’ annihilates the left


The right wing continues its march across Europe with billionaire Babiš victory

Populist businessman Andrej Babiš dealt a devastating blow to the European Union Saturday with a clear win in the Czech Republic’s national elections.

President Trump is pleased.

Hailed as the country’s Donald Trump, the 63-year-old former finance minister will be the central European nation’s next Prime Minister.

The leader of the ANO [YES] party has used his $4 billion wealth to head a populist crusade to upend the Establishment and change the face of Czech politics.

His party was created in 2011 to fight government corruption, but has since has expanded its platform to oppose mass immigration, European Union federalism, and the Euro currency.Unknown

Babis’ stunning victory installs him as the leader of the largest party without needing the support of the Social Democrat party under which he served.

The Czech election result comes on the heels of the spectacular right-wing victory in Austria that saw Sebastian Kurz, 31, installed as Chancellor, making him the world’s youngest political leader.

images-1With the right advancing across Europe, Germany’s Merkel and France’s Emmanuel Macron stand out as incongruous Establishment elitist liberals who continue to support mass immigration and globalism despite the strengthening wave of nationalism sweeping the continent.

Babiš has been an outspoken critic of the European Union’s dictatorial policy of forcing member countries to take in specified quotas of migrants, refugees and so-called asylum seekers despite the spike in violent crime and terrorism.

“We have to fight for what our ancestors built here,” he has said. “If there will be more Muslims than Belgians in Brussels, that’s their problem. I don’t want that here. They won’t be telling us who should live here.”

To which Czech voters responded this weekend with a resounding ballot-box Bravo!


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