Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine would give kids nightmares!

By J. Robert Smith, American Thinker, Oct. 7, 2016

197276_5_At the last presidential debate Tim Kaine fidgeted, twitched, squirmed, water sipped, and interrupted Mike Pence with slanders. He looked off-kilter. He was creepy.

His birth abortion stand is morally appalling. Kaine claims Catholicism as his faith — Catholicism, which sees abortion as an intrinsic sin.

Then there’s Hillary, who’s creeped us out for decades. The cold, dark, withering stares. The explosive, cackling laughs.

Here’s a woman who looks like she’s wound tighter than a drum, only to pop up at the197275_5_ most inappropriate times like a creepy jack-in-the-box, waggling and grimacing enough to give kids nightmares.

Entering the world of Hillary, Bill, Tim and the Democratic Party is like entering a Halloween scare house. But the scares aren’t for fun. The scares come with consequences, which can be detrimental to U.S. interests and American lives, abroad and at home.


The Middle East is in ruins, thanks to the handiwork of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton (honorable mention, John Kerry). An arms race has started in the Middle East and that makes a dangerous neighborhood increasingly so.

Syria is a hellhole. Due to the vacuum left by the president in Syria, Putin has staked a big claim.

Libya’s a mess. The U.S. has lost valuable ground gained by American blood in Afghanistan and Iraq. An appeasement deal gives the Iranians safe passage toward nuclear weapons, which will one day menace not just Israel and U.S. allied Arab states, but Europe and, in time, with ballistic missiles or other means of delivery, America.

ISIS has risen up and been emboldened by the Obama-Hillary-Kerry axis. Promising a global caliphate built on the bodies of us infidels, ISIS and like forces slaughter Christians and ‘apostate’ Muslims. But we’re told dismissively by Obama that ISIS is just a collection of misfits and thugs that, sooner or later, will be brushed away.

ISIS oppresses, abuses, and kills its own women, gays, and children. Its irregulars are routinely committing acts of terror in Western Europe and the U.S., with much more death and carnage in store — if not countered quickly enough.

But where’s the thumping condemnation by Hillary and Kaine of ISIS as a Muslim-inspired politico-religious movement? They won’t even acknowledge that the terror is Muslim-inspired (or do so only grudgingly when pressed). Doing so is verboten in the crazy world of liberaldom.

When do these compassionate liberals stand tall to chastise Islam in general for said oppressions and abuses of women, gays, and children, populations Hillary and Kaine swear they exist to protect? Maybe the pledge to protect the vulnerable is all feel-good and rationalizes bigger government that benefits Hill’s and Tim’s cronies and supporting constituencies?

When the debate topic of permitting Syrian refugees into the U.S. came up, Kaine spoke inanely. U.S. security agencies fret — with good cause — that among this refugee mass will be ISIS agents and irregulars (aka, terrorists), who aren’t coming for fresh starts in the New World.

In accommodating these Syrians (few Christians among them), Kaine sputtered that ‘constitutional rights’ take precedent. If so, they do so over the welfare and safety of us citizens. Imagine that, infers Kaine for Hillary, ours is a constitution that fails to have as its paramount responsibility the protection of the homeland and its citizens. Which Founding Father rolls over first in his grave?

Imagine this: President Hillary and Vice President Kaine visiting the families of innocents slaughtered at a mall food court by a ‘rogue’ refugee to explain how noble the sacrifice: their loved ones died for a perverted interpretation of constitutional rights.

Imagine the pained expressions on Hillary’s and Tim’s faces as they emerge from meetings with aggrieved families. Before rows of cameras and mikes, the president and her ‘right-hand person’ offer reassurances.

Scary stuff. And there seems no exit.

Scary that Hillary maintained a private email server while Secretary of State that contained highly classified national security information, guaranteed to have been mined by our nation’s enemies.

How greatly at risk are we thanks to all the compromised classified information? How susceptible to blackmail would a President Hillary be? And for more than national security breaches, but Clinton Foundation emails?
How scary is it that the FBI director, James Comey, was either pressured into a cover-up of Hillary’s criminality or simply, frighteningly, complicit?

Scary that to Hillary, Kaine, and Democrats that our borders are no longer inviolate. Our borders are hindrances to the movement of cheap labor and new constituencies for Democrats to harvest. Scary that tuberculosis is seen again in our nation among illegals — TB and other illnesses not known previously to our country are here.

Scary that after nearly eight years of Barack Obama, millions of American are un- or underemployed. Economic growth is anemic. Wages are practically stagnant. Working class Americans struggle and suffer greatly to make ends meet. The coal industry is being virtually shut down.

Scary that the mainstream media acts as propagandists to hide the truth. Scarier that Hillary and Kaine are promising to double down on Obama’s failed economic policies.

Scary that Clinton and her Democrats, in a blatant pander to Black Lives Matter, indiscriminately indict police in communities across the land, stating that cops, regardless of race or color, are latent racists.

Scary that diminished and hamstrung by Democrats and the left, the men and women who make up our police forces are put at greater risk, not to mention our communities.

There’s much, much more, but enough.