Cowboys from Hell


‘America’s team’ owner is a disloyal hypocrite

As the crowd booed, the entire Dallas Cowboys football team, including owner Jerry Jones, refused to stand — aka, ‘taking a knee’ — for America’s national anthem before the start of a Monday night game with the Arizona Cardinals.

Jones has previously been a harsh critic of players who take a knee during the singing of the Star Spangled Banner, but Monday night he showed his true colors and betrayal of patriotism by sacrificing his beliefs for sheep-like subservience to the current trend.


It was Jones who said in August: “The national anthem is sacred. Our flag is sacred.”

But, in defiance of President Trump’s patriotic call, Jones showed himself to be a turncoat and a coward. So much for true patriotism.

The Cowboys — known as America’s team for everything that it means to be American — showed a disrespect for the anthem and the flag, and America itself, that follows the sickening display of at least 150 players who did not stand for the national anthem at multiple football games on Sunday.

Meanwhile, a national survey shows that Americans agree with President Trump on his national anthem stance and on his rebuke of the NFL protests.

So, on your feet, Cowboys, and giddy-up go.