Broward’s Cowards

Sheriff Scott Israel is a menace to the people of Broward County.

Ponder this:

“If ifs and butts were candy and nuts O.J. Simpson would still be in the record books,” Israel said in a rambling TV appearance.

What the hell is he talking about! He utters gibberish while defending himself and his officers, who cowered outside the Florida high school and allowed a deranged madman to slaughter 17 people with a machine gun.

Their cowardice was the final example of their dereliction of duty. For weeks, Broward County police had ignored dozens of warning signs about the shooter, including the lunatic’s own social network postings.


Scot Peterson, the deputy assigned to protect the school, waited outside the building instead of going in and confronting the shooter, even though he could clearly hear the gunfire. Peterson resigned in disgrace after being suspended without pay.

The duty and the courage to enter the school fell upon the shoulders of officers from the Coral Springs Police Department, who said they found Peterson and three other deputies hiding behind their vehicles. Two deputies who arrived later and an officer from Sunrise, Florida, joined Coral Springs police inside the building.


Sheriff Israel refuses to resign. He even boasts about his “leadership” and says he has done an excellent job as head of the Broward County Sheriff’s office. This guy is an egomaniacal fool. Parents of the slain children, already devastated with grief, are now sick with anger and rage over this incompetent halfwit.

He refuses to accept any blame. Instead he blames the National Rifle Association for the massacre. He wants to take weapons away from lawful gun owners. He’s chummy with Democrats and a supporter of that left-wing liberal loser Hillary Clinton and her useless gun control measures..


The shooter, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz is a verifiable mental case. What’s the Sheriff’s excuse?

Incompetence, stupidity, arrogance, egomania, insanity, cowardice — all of the above.