Coming to a Trump rally near you — THE BEAST!


President Trump’s new limousine, Cadillac One — aka The Beast — is fully loaded with weapons and emergency features, including:

  • Two tear gas cannons and a night-vision camera in the front.

  • Eight-inch-thick doors.

  • Doors and windows can withstand armor-piercing bullets.

  • Reinforced tires protect from bullets and roadside bombs.

  • Military-grade armor plating, making the doors so heavy that President Trump won’t be able to open them from the inside.

  • The limo seats seven with weapons in the front and back.

  • Sealed to protect the president and passengers against a biological and chemical attacks.

  • Oxygen tank and bottles of Trump’s blood type in case an ambulance that travels with the motorcade can’t get access to Trump.


Cadillac One, set to debut on Inauguration Day, Friday, Jan. 20, will replace a fleet of nearly a dozen limos that have served President Obama since 2009, Autoweek reported. The new presidential limousine cost $1.5 million.