Clinton insults Americans on her India trip and then stiffs them with security bill

Hillary Clinton’s self-serving trip to India to flog her embarrassing book Anatomy of a Loser, during which she insulted American women and millions of voters who didn’t vote for her, cost American taxpayers tens of thousands of dollars.

Clinton was traveling in India as a private citizen, but as a former first lady she has U.S. Secret Service protection for life, and the cost of her security detail’s travel and lodging on the trip was billed to taxpayers, the very people she insulted.


The wretched woman was in India — she’s no longer welcome in the U.S.A., where she is baaaaad nooz for the Democratic Party — to whine and bitch and generally embarrass herself. She’s been to Canada, Australasia, Europe… Where is there left to go? Russia?

In India, in yet another Trump-hating speech, she wailed that she lost the 2016 election because much of America is “backwards” and filled with people who don’t like “black people getting rights” or “women getting jobs.” And the women who voted for Trump, she declared, did so because the men in their lives told them to! Man, this self-bragging champion for women sure as hell has zero respect for women.

The world’s sorest loser and one of its nastiest women, got a warning from Karma when she stumbled several times down a flight of steps, only to be saved by a couple of guys walking next to her.

And when she kept on with her bitter tirades and mean spiritedness, Karma got freaking mad and caused her to slip in the bathtub at the resort hotel where she was staying and fracture her wrist.

The first Karma payback, of course, was losing a sure-thing election that she and her gang had rigged to a brash, politically inexperienced real estate tycoon and reality TV star. The retribution and glorious justice of that historic moment in American history is what keeps hope alive in the human soul. It’s also what inflamed this hideous woman and sent her already deranged mind and psychotic ego over the edge.

Moral of the story: Don’t mess with Karma. It will get you every time. And with this evil woman, it’s only begun.