PHOTOPLAY: Donald and Melania and Emmanuel and Brigitte

GLAMOUR AND POWER AT THE WHITE HOUSE France’s first couple Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron are in the U.S. for three days as guests of President and Melania Trump. They all had a private dinner Monday night at George Washington’s former estate in Mount Vernon, took in the sights of D.C. from a helicopter, planted a tree …

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And you’re fake news, Toots!

Fake news peddler Mika Brzezinski has the gall to say that first lady Melania Trump and the president’s daughter Ivanka Trump have been given “fake jobs” in the administration. Commenting on Ivanka’s non-answer to NBC reporter Peter Alexender’s insulting and disrespectful question about her father’s alleged sexual flings, the ‘Morning Joe’ prima donna said: ”It’s not …

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Striding forward, with hope

PUTTING ON A BOLD FACE. Still emotionally bruised from the shock of learning her boyfriend Rob Porter quit his job as White House aide after two ex-wives accused him of physical abuse, Hope Hicks, 29-year-old White House communications director, puts a bold foot forward, well two actually, and heads to work Monday from her Washington …

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