Mueller’s mule team goes too far

  Former Clinton henchman oversteps his bounds in demanding Trump family bank records. Special Counsel Robert Mueller has subpoenaed the bank records of President Trump and his family from Deutsche Bank, taking the Russia investigation way beyond its original mandate. The purpose of the subpoena is to try and nail Trump family members and White House …

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Fire Sessions, hire Trey Gowdy

Hillary Clinton Says a Justice Department Investigation of Her Would Be an ‘Abuse of Power’ That’s hilarious. Hillary Clinton is the living embodiment of the abuse of power. As Secretary of State she used the State Department as her private realm to pour millions of dollars into one of the most criminal scams in history: …

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Sessions skating on thin ice

Attorney General Jeff Sessions has two choices: Investigate Hillary Clinton’s approval of the sale of U.S. uranium to the Russians — or be fired. And President Trump is just the man to do it. And then he should fire Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein (left) for appointing special counsel Robert Mueller to investigate trumped-up charges of a Trump-Russia …

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