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Civil War!

U.S. midterm election results mark the beginning of America’s Second Civil War.
Trump’s Republican Senate faces off against a shrieking madhouse of crazed liberals in the House of Representatives.

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Alleges teen sex assault by Kavanaugh in high school

Kavanaugh accuser ain’t no doctor!

The liberal mainstream media insist on calling the anti-Trump accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh a Doctor.
Christine Blasey Ford is not a medical doctor. She’s a doctor of psychology, which is another word for bullshit.

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Come one, come all! Hillary Clinton e-mail probe open to the public

FBI officials who admitted going easy on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will be investigated by the U.S. Senate. The FBI was derelict in its duty even after it became widely known that C.inton deleted and destroyed tens of thousands of classified data that she had disseminated on the internet, potentially jeopardizing the security of America.

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