Wild White House press briefing

Don’t mess with the Prez — or his staff!

The White House has barred obnoxious CNN reporter Jim Acosta from press briefings.
After asking a question of the President, Acosta refused to give up the mic. He pushed away a young female White House intern who tried to take the mic away and hand it to another reporter.

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The explosive story exposing Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein as the dirty rat we knew him to be is the slime floating on top of the very deep Deep State swamp.
Rosenstein must be fired!
And then Attorney General Jeff Sessions must go!
It was Superwimp Sessions who caused the whole Russian-collusion investigation to get started. And it's been bugging President Trump for these past 18 months. And tearing America apart!

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Smells his finger

Deep State creeps closing in on Trump

The attorney general of the United States is either a treacherous snake or an idiot. Jeff Sessons, and Sessions alone, set off the witch hunt by a so-called special counsel who is a former Clinton lackey out to bring down President Trump. And that witch hunt led to Monday’s raid by the FBI on the …

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