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Bitter anti-Trump pettiness turns McCain funeral into hate fest!

Trump hating creeps use John McCain’s funeral as a soapbox to spout their petty political views and spew their loathing for the president who wasn’t even invited.

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She's a lowlife!

Trump back-stabber Omarosa is a nasty piece of work!

Former reality TV hellcat Omarosa who was a fired from her White House job now comes out with a book trashing Trump and labelling him a racist.
The book is full of lies and second-hand innuendo that Trump-hating liberal media pawns like that "sleepy-eyes son of a bitch" Chuck Todd are jumping on as yet another way to demean the President.

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Open season on Trump supporters

Trump supporters in peril — and that’s just fine with mainstream media!

Rage of violence and harassment against supporters of President Trump mounting. Nearly 200 ugly incidents so far. All ignored or condoned by the left--wing establishment media.

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