‘Safer than London!’

North Korea opens its first travel agency in Moscow

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Aerial view of the capital city Pyongyang.

Says Pyongyang is safer than London

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Apartment buildings in Pyongyang, one of the few places where electricity is widely used.

Kim Jong-un’s powder-keg country offers Russian tourists “full immersion” in the nation’s culture and enjoyment “safer than an evening walk in London.”

This doesn’t sound like a country on the brink of nuclear war and the resultant destruction of its buildings and annihilation of its people. Kim is all thunder and no lightning.

A Russian company licensed by North Korea organizes tours for individuals and groups of up to 10 people that will “show the travelers the multi-faceted life of this most closed of countries.”

Potential visitors must be “checked” before their trip and will always be accompanied by a guide who will monitor the “adequate behavior of the tourist and guarantee his safety.”

Tourists are banned from seeing military facilities, and long talks with local residents “are not recommended.”

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Citizens on a city street in a country where freedom of speech doesn’t exist.

Passenger and cargo ferry service began Thursday between the North Korean port of Rajin and Vladivostok, Russia.

Russia is one of North Korea’s crucial economic partners. President Vladimir Putin wants the west to negotiate to end Pyongyang’s nuclear program.

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The Taedong River runs through Pyongyang.

Interested tourists perhaps should read this advisory from WikiTravel:

WARNING: Some governments advise against all travel to North Korea due to the uncertain security situation caused by North Korea’s nuclear weapons development program and related tension.

There are no resident Canadian or American diplomatic offices in the DPRK. The ability of officials to provide consular assistance is extremely limited.

Sweden, through its Embassy in Pyongyang, is the “Protecting Power” for Canadian, American and Australian nationals if any emergency consular assistance is required, but such assistance will likely be very limited, due to the unpredictability of the actions of the government of the DPRK.

Those planning to engage in activities that the North Korean government forbids must be prepared to face imprisonment, torture, and death.

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Commuters in Pyongyang’s chandeliered and super clean subway station.
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A shopping mall with an elaborate propaganda mural