Right wing party ready to rumble in leaderless Sweden!

Sweden turns right
Jimmie Akesson, leader of the right-wing Sweden Democrats.

Newly empowered rightists will bring down any new government that doesn’t stop immigration madness!

The removal of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven in a no-confidence vote on Tuesday could leave Sweden leaderless for several months.

It’s up to the Speaker of Parliament, Andreas Norlén, to pick a new head of government among the country’s eight political parties — none of which won a majority in the September 9 elections.

If no leader is found, new elections must be held within three months.

Jimmie Åkesson, who heads the right-wing Sweden Democrats, said his party would bring down any new government that does not address grave concerns about illegal immigration and the violence and social chaos it spawns.


Löfven — the first Swedish prime minister to be ousted in no-confidence vote — and his lame duck Social Democrats will manage a caretaker government until a new leader is found.

In the vote, Löfven received the support of his own Social Democrats, the Greens and the Left, with ouster votes coming from the right-wing Sweden Democrats, the Moderates, Centre, Liberals, and Christian Democrats.

— Vilhelm Mer in Stockholm



Sweden will turn right Sept. 9 as citizens try to end life in hell


Far-right leader Jimmie Akesson (left) is competing against PM Stefan Loefven and has pledged to end to the epidemic of migrant crime and violence that is ravaging Sweden.

By Guy de  Michél

Anti-immigration populist party ready to take over!

“Why should we care about Islam? Sweden is not an Islamic country. Why should we be influenced by one of the worst ideologies in the world?” — Rightist legislator.

Migrants have turned Sweden into the ‘Rape Capital of the Western World.’

But the general public has been kept in the dark about the epidemic of Swedish rapes because the mainstream media and the Swedish government conspired to cover it up!


Media cover-up!

Murders and other violent crime are particularly rampant in the city of Malmo, where nearly half the population is now of immigrant background.

Akesson’s anti-immigration party, bearing Trumpian signs of nationalism like ‘Swedes First!’ and ‘Keep Sweden Swedish!’ is expected to win more seats in Parliament than any other party.

The anti-immigration, anti-European Union and often anti-Muslim party, with roots in neo-Nazism and white nationalism, is riding the wave of populism that’s sweeping across Europe.

The right-wing movement has influenced voters in Italy, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, France and Germany.


Populist parties under siege by left wing anarchists

A gang of thugs dressed all in black burned down an election tent belonging to the populist Sweden Democrats party in the city of Gothenburg.

A few days earlier, an office of the Italian populist party La Lega, led by Right-wing champion Matteo Salvini, was bombed in the city of Treviso by far-left anarchists.

In Germany, Antifa (antifascist) criminals have distributed a terrorist handbook on how to attack offices of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

The Sept. 9 election in Sweden will be an historic game-changer in that Nordic nation, where socialists have dominated every election for more than 100 years.

But the unchecked mass influx of migrants and refugees from mostly Muslim countries and the crime and violence they bring with them are too much to bear for the normally genteel Swedish people.

Migrant gangs crime wave


Sweden, with a population of just 10 million, took in nearly 200,000 migrants during Merkel’s 2015 open-border debacle — reportedly the most per capita in the world.

Muslim immigrants are destroying the Swedish culture and pushing the socialist country’s generous public services to breaking point. The right-wing Sweden Democrats have pledged to turn that around.

“Why should we change into a Middle Eastern country?” said Richard Jomshof, a Sweden Democrat lawmaker. “Why should we care about Islam? Sweden is not an Islamic country. Why should we be influenced by one of the worst ideologies in the world?”

— With notes from Vilhelm Mer in Stockholm

Sweden fights to stay Swedish
Keep out of Sweden!

Right wing party surges in Sweden, on track to topple government

Swedish rightists now constitute the largest party in the migrant-ridden, crime-scarred country and present real threat to topple the government of Prime Minister Stefan Löfven.

Latest polling shows Jimmie Åkesson and his Sweden Democrats surging ahead of the prime minister’s left-wing immigration-soft Social Democrats.

“There is something happening here and there are only a few months left for the election,” said Swedish Democrats party secretary Richard Jomshof and he said. “It’s absolutely amazing!”

Swedish rightists celebrate Akesson surge, to the chagrin of PM Stefan Loefven.

Åkesson and his Sweden Democrats are on track to make huge gains in the elections to be held on September 9, according to a  Sentio survey. If those numbers hold up, the rightists would be the country’s largest party for the first time ever.

Support for the Sweden Democrats soared since the last polling and now stands at 26.1%, while prime minister’s party lost support, sinking to a near all-time low of 21.7%. The pro-migration party, The Moderates, also lost support, plummeting to 17.1%.

The Trumpian political shift is a rejection of the current government which has allowed immigration to spiral out of control, transforming once peaceful Sweden into a living hell of migrant chaos, crime and violence.

Muslim hordes of violent youths have taken over certain neighborhoods and towns, turning them into so-called no-go zones, where even police are afraid to enter.

Citizens — and police — live in fear of migrant hordes.

So-called asylum seekers and immigrants of unknown and often violent backgrounds are put first over the country’s native population when comes to housing, benefits and quality of life issues.

The migrants show their gratitude by rioting in the streets, robbing and shooting citizens, assaulting women, attacking the police, torching cars, blowing up restaurants and raping Sweden’s genteel and giving society.


Sweden burns!

Sweden burns!