Rightists gain in Spain

Spain turning right

Trumpian right-wing wave hits socialist Spain!


The socialist country now has its own nationalist party that promises to cut illegal immigration and stem the dangerous spread of Islamisation.

Inspired by President Donald Trump, the right-wing Vox party vows to “make Spain great again.”


For the first time in decades, a right-wing party won seats in the large Spanish region of Andalusia, where the socialists have ruled unchallenged since the first autonomous elections in 1982, reported Voice of Europe.

In the shock result that reduced to 33 seats with 27.9% of the votes, Vox gained 12 parliamentary seats, registering a strong blow to Spain’s left.

Vox has received five times more support than Spain’s other four parties in recent regional elections.

Spanish rightist leader


“We stand for the same law-and-order and social conservative causes as Trump,” Santiago Abascal, the leader of the movement says in an interview.

The Vox party joins a growing number of anti-immigration populist parties that have been victorious or made significant power gains in Italy, Austria, Sweden, Hungary, Poland, Serbia, Bulgaria, Germany.

“The political shockwaves will be felt all around the country right through 2019 to the local, regional and European elections in May,” columnist Matthew Bennett said.



Spanish students forced to give up their lodgings to Libyan migrants

— Ben Perchiron, the Voice of Europe

Spanish students from the local student residence are being forced from their lodgings despite having paid their accommodation fees so that migrants arriving from Libya can be housed.

 The immigrants arriving aboard the Aquarius, docked yesterday afternoon in Alicante, where their children, aged between 12 and 17-years-old will be in the custody of social workers.

The students have been told to get out despite having paid their accommodation fees, so that the migrants, arriving from Libya, can be housed, according to the online daily Actualidad 


The Aquarius had to proceed to Spain after being refused entry to Italian ports by Interior Minister Matteo Salvini of the newly elected anti-immration government.

A young German language student in Alicante named Rubén, who is planning to live and work in Germany in his future, paid €750 a month for his room, has now been forced to leave along with the other students housed there.

His mother said that her son has had to leave the residence to make room for the Aquarius migrants.

”They have told us that they cannot be there because they come with many illnesses, so this is a health issue,” she said.


“It’s like we are solving one problem by causing others, and this is a big problem because right now there is nowhere in Alicante for my son to live and continue with his studies. We are going to go there to see if we can find something, but it will be very difficult since everything is already booked for the summer months.”

Rubén’s mother does not believe that it can be due to a “health issue” otherwise the local authorities surely wouldn’t be housing hundreds of sick migrants in the centre of a busy tourist city like Alicante.

Authorities announced that Rubén and his colleagues had 24 hours in which to collect their belongings and vacate the residence.