Young people are dying on the streets of London because of Mayor Khan the Knife!

Knife attacks soaring

The crime rate in the once lawful City of London continues to spiral out of control.

Majority of crimes committed by Muslim migrants. And the blame and the blood is on the hands of the city’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan.

This damning indictment comes from retired city police chief and former advisor to the Pakistani-born Khan.

The mayor has no “coherent strategy” to fight crime in London, said former  Metropolitan Police superintendent Leroy Logan, as reported in the Evening Standard.

“The results speak for themselves,” Logan said, “he is failing and there are young people dying on the street because of that.”

Fighting crime was the prime concern of London voters when Khan ran for office in 2016.

Candidate Khan pledged “to challenge gang culture and knife crime head-on.”

The scoring crime rate, particularly knife and acid attacks, prove that Khan has failed to deliver, with unprecedented and tragic results.


“I made it clear to Sadiq that his agenda needed to be citizen-focused,” said Logan, who advised Khan on a crime strategy during the 2016 election campaign.

“I made it clear you cannot stop-and-search or arrest your way out of the problem,” he added. “You have to have more community engagement, especially with young people. But as soon as he was in office he turned his back on all of that.”

Out of control
Violent crime soared in the last year. And police are investigating more than 100 homicides so far this year.

Not your father’s London

Muslims, both jihadist and wealthy, have taken over.

Which is okay with Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan, whose reckless indifferent and careless approach to terrorism, not to mention his own alleged terrorist connections, are well known.

Safety measures against Muslim terrorists and jihadi threats of violence in London are “intense, pervasive, and depressing,” writes Daniel Pipes in Gatestone.

Many were installed in March 2017 after an Islamic extremist, Khalid Masood, killed five people on Westminster Bridge.

170322-london-police-officer-attack-feature.jpgBut there is another takeover going on besides the extremists. Wealthy Muslims are buying up London’s most prominent buildings.

“More than any other major Western city, London bears an Arabic, Middle Eastern, and Islamic impress, from its mayor to its commercial real estate market,” writes Daniel Pipes in Gatestone.

Middle Easterners invested over $4.2 billion in London commercial real estate in 2015, Pipes reports, notably the city’s tallest building, the Shard; the ritzy department store Harrods; the luxury hotel Claridge’s; and the former U.S. embassy building.


Khan the Knife


HEADLINE: Muslim mayor shrugs off London’s knife crime

“As good as some people think I am, I cannot solve knife crime. Neither can the police,” Sadiq Khan told the London Assembly to laughs and jeers.


Knife crime in London is out of control
not enough Bobbies to form a patrol
but Khan still loves those open borders
Come on in all knife-wielding marauders
To hell with John Bull, his kids and his wife
it’s all part and parcel of big city life.


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