Protesters angry

Democrat dirty tricks in Florida

Florida's statewide recounts got underway Sunday morning with lawsuits, protests and some high-stakes paper jams,” Alex Seitz-Wald reports.
“Both parties dug in for a prolonged legal battle over critical Senate and gubernatorial races in one of the largest states in the country.”

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Civil War!

U.S. midterm election results mark the beginning of America’s Second Civil War.
Trump’s Republican Senate faces off against a shrieking madhouse of crazed liberals in the House of Representatives.

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Trump’s grande finale!

President Trump’s last midterm election campaign stop was a roaring, cheering, chanting rock show of Republican heavyweights and conservative broadcast stars. It was an eleventh-hour bid to get Republican voters out in force to ward off a Democrat takeover of the House of Representatives.

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Florida Dem candidate is a thief sez Prez, but that’s not the half of it!

Gillum’s a thief, says Trump of Democrat running for governor of Florida in next week’s midterm election.
The former mayor of corrupt, crime-ridden Tallahassee is taking on former Navy Advocate General Ron De Santis.

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