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  • Guy de Michêl 5:00 pm on August 28, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Send them back! 

    Heroes of the Right

    Viktor Orbán and Matteo Salvini

    Heroes of the Right vow to “change the destiny of Europe.”

    Illegal migration is the most important issue facing the European Union, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said after meeting with Italian rightist leader Matteo Salvini.

    Orban has a simple solution to the seemingly endless influx of illegal immigrants and refugees from Africa:

    “We should send them back instead of relocating them,” Orbán said.

    Doing otherwise, would mean “the human smugglers have won,” he added, and “immigrants would keep coming in further waves.”


    Salvini described the meeting with Orbán as one in a “series of meetings to change the destiny of Europe.”

    The Italian deputy prime minister and interior minister has staunchly refused to allow African migrants to disembark from crammed refugee boats.



  • Guy de Michêl 4:03 pm on August 7, 2018 Permalink | Reply
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    Europe’s new import: The Third World 

    Europe must close all its borders!

    “If we import the third world we get third world problems,” British independent MEP Janice Atkinson said in an interview with the Hungarian Journal.

    “Rapes, gang rape, violent crime have increased exponentially and our prisons are proportionally overburdened with foreign criminals in comparison to our own citizens.”

    The solution, she said, to all the migrant chaos and crime that’s been raging since Germany’s Merkel flung open the borders in 2015 is relatively simple: “Europe has to close all its borders.”

    Italian right wing championAtkinson, vice-chairperson of the European Parliament’s Europe of Freedom and Nations, added:

    “We have to close our individual nation state borders, abandon the failed ideological policy of Schengen, close the EU’s external borders and start speeding up the extradition of migrants, as Matteo Salvini is doing in Italy.”

    Political correctness, that pitiful quality of bleeding-heart liberal globalists, has prevented United Kingdom authorities from taking any action.

    “Our failed open doors migration policies have continued where we have let people in whose backgrounds were not rigorously checked, and when we do charge them with crimes we are not allowed to deport them because our own judges or the European Court of Human Rights overrules our sovereign courts,” Atkinson said.

    “This has happened with terrorists, hate preachers, those encouraging terrorism and the mainly Muslim Pakistani rape gang members who have groomed tens of thousands of young, vulnerable girls.”

    This is where Brexit could be a game-changer.

    “If this government doesn’t strike a deal with the European Union that means choosing the EU nationals we want and need for our economy rather than allowing anyone to travel for work, then there will be no change.”

    Janice Atkinson bioUnknown.jpeg

  • Guy de Michêl 9:06 am on May 27, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Paris mayor blocks removal of migrant camps 


    Left-wing madness strikes again!

    Paris has become a city of squalor with thousands of illegal migrants living in the streets, and ultra-liberal mayor Anne Hidalgo refuses to follow a government order and have them removed.


    The situation has become “unbearable” for Parisians, said Interior Minister Gérard Collomb.

    Authorities were about to dismantle the filthy, stench-ridden migrant camps when Hidalgo stepped in and refused to let police do their job.

    Collomb said the intolerable conditions will “go on forever” if the authorities are blocked from removing the tent camps and preventing new ones from forming.

    Gerard Collomb

    Hidalgo wants the migrants moved to “reception centres,” but was unclear as to what would happen then.

    The French Communist Party demanded that liberal President Emmanuel Macron enact immigration laws that would boot illegal migrants out of the country.

    “For several months now,” the Party said in a statement, “more than 2,500 migrants have been living rough on the streets of Paris — either in tents or along the canal Saint-Martin and the canal de l’Ourcq — in deplorable hygienic conditions that defy human dignity.”

    Needless to say, because of left-wing, blindly-liberal government policies, the once envied city of romance and love and enlightened culture, La Ville Lumière, the City of Light, is forever cast into the darkness of migrant hell.

    — Guy de Michêl

  • Guy de Michêl 4:40 am on March 16, 2018 Permalink | Reply

    Hungary fighting for its very existence! 

    Migration destroying our way of life, says Orbán!

    The migrant invasion will destroy Europe if countries don’t block it at their borders, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary said at a massive rally in Budapest on Thursday.

    “Hungary and Europe face a mass migration wave which endangers the way of life of our people, and countries that don’t block it at their borders will be lost,” he said at the 220px-Viktor_Orbán_2016-02-17rally marking the 170th anniversary of anti-Habsburg Revolution of 1848.

    “We are expected to willingly hand over our countries to foreigners from other continents who don’t speak our language, respect our culture, our laws or way of life,” Orbán said.

    “This is our homeland, our life, and since we don’t have another one, we will fight for it till the very end and we will never give it up.”

    Addressing a crowd of tens of thousands in front of the Hungarian Parliament building, Orbán warned that globalist powers want to tear down the fences he built on Hungary’s southern borders in 2015 to keep out migrants.


    The 53-year-old champion of nationalism again attacked George Soros, the Hungarian-American billionaire who is pouring millions into promoting mass migration into Europe, with the consequence of ripping apart the very fabric of its many countries.

    With the national elections coming up on April 8, Orbán promised to fight for the future and very survival of his country.

    “National and globalist forces have never squared up to each other so openly,” he said. “We, the millions with national feelings, are on one side; the elite ‘citizens of the world’ are on the other side.”

    With his Fidesz bound for re-election, Orbán vowed: “After the elections, we will avenge ourselves.”

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