Don’t mess with the prez!

Trump’s two years of living dangerously

President Trump’s accomplishments — By Joe Hoft
In the two years since the 2016 election, Trump’s numerous successes are arguably the best of any President during this relative time period — and in spite of massive headwinds from the corrupt prior administration, the Fed, the Democrat Party and the mainstream media.

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The self-righteous Left’s hypocrisy on violence

Left-wing sickos and the liberal media blame President Trump for the current political climate of violence and pipe bombs, while at the same time publicly wishing for his assassination.
They condemn violence while advocating it.

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Dems would wreck booming economy just to get back in power!

"At stake in this Election," President Trump tweeted, referring to the midterms next month, "is whether we continue the extraordinary prosperity we have achieved - or whether we let the Radical Democrat Mob take a giant wrecking ball to our Country and our Economy."

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Trump haters wake up! This guy is hot!

100,000 Texans signed up to get into tonight's Trump rally in an 18,000-venue in Houston, Texas. 
Fans camped out 24 hours in advance of the rally, where the President will campaign for Senator Ted Cruz, who is in a re-election battle with Democrat Robert ("Beto") O'Rourke.

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