Panic after Trump elected

Google’s major meltdown after Trump was elected revealed in leaked video!

Google staff went into major pussy panic after Donald Trump beat Crooked Hillary in the history making 2016 election.
A video recording of a Google meeting immediately after the election that was leaked to Breitbart News shows an atmosphere of slow panic and “the company’s determination to use its resources to sway public opinion.”

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The Face of the Democrats

Liberals rage against Trump’s MAGA success!

The U.S. economy under President Trump is booming. Employment is at all-time highs, wages are hitting new highs, the stock market is rocking, consumer prices are falling, America is now the world's largest oil producer, the U.S. military is more powerful than it's ever been, etc etc.
But anti-Trumpers, blinded by psychotic hatred for the president, persist in ignoring the reality of the Trump administration's continuing success.

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Trump’s worst enemy: Superwimp Sessions!

President Trump fired another blast at Attorney General Sessions on Monday for allowing criminal charges to be made against two Republican congressmen before November’s midterm elections.
Sessions thereby put those two congressional seats in grave jeopardy of being taken over by Democrats and possibly dooming the Republican majority in Congress.

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The Donald rocks in Indiana!

Trump rallies to keep “swamp person” out of Senate.
The President fires up a huge crowd at a rally in Evansville, Indiana, for Republican Senate candidate Mike Braun, who will run against Senator “Sleepin’ Joe” Donnelly in one of the most competitive races in November.
The billionaire businessman blasts the Democrats' "Resist" movement before an overflow crowd of blue collar Americans.
"Every day the Democrats are resisting the will of the American people."

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