Fired Trump aide’s secret side

Very weird

As Omarosa Manigault Newman exits her job in the White House, a bizarre video showing her less, er, stateswomanly side has emerged.

By Oli Coleman, New York Post

A pop-culture polymath sent Page Six a link to “Soul Sistahs,” an ultra-camp, hyper-kitsch, uber-low-budget 10-minute sci-fi short film.

While the plot is virtually incomprehensible, as far as we can tell it focuses on an intergalactic yenta in a housecoat who kidnaps Omarosa in an attempt to steal Donald Trump’s hair as part of a difficult-to-understand get-rich-quick scheme.

The mini-flick was made back in 2006 — two years after Omarosa shot to fame on Trump’s NBC show “The Apprentice.”

In this vaguely “Barbarella”-inspired work, the aging villain drugs Omarosa by feeding her spiked cake, whereupon the red PVC-clad former director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison goes off on a motorcycle to steal the future president’s hair in a showdown on top of a CGI-created Trump Tower.

The film, which has been viewed a mere 6,000 times — as our source put it: “It’s a cult classic. I’m the cult” — was made by former In Touch Weekly photo director Michael Todd, tabloid veteran Matt Coppa and his brother Andrew Coppa.

Matt commented on the video’s YouTube page, “I can’t believe she agreed to do it but glad she did!” while viewers added, “Porn has better lines” and “This woman is nuts!”
Omarosa was fired from her White House after less than a year in the job.


Shock Dem win in Alabama is grim news for Republicans — and for humanity


President Trump got that wrong. Big time.

Red State Alabama betrayed its heritage and elected the ultra-liberal pasty face Democrat who is criminally weak on crime and border control and an unconscionable late-term pro-abortionist.

Jones is dedicated to sabotaging the President’s agenda, and Alabama voters are now accessories to that. His shock win perilously narrows the Republican majority in the Senate to a 51-49 advantage over Democrats going into the 2018 midterm elections.

That could be disastrous news for President Trump. If the Republicans lose that majority in the Senate, all hell could break loose for the President. Not only will his Make America Great Again agenda be threatened, but a Democrat majority would open the door for his possible impeachment.


As Aaron Klein writes in Breitbart News, Jones has deep ties to “radical groups financed by billionaire George Soros and has led efforts on behalf of those groups seeking to enact far-left policies.”

Even if the sexual allegations against Moore are true, the alleged incidents happened a long time ago, and it would have been the lesser of two evils to have Moore in the Senate than an ultra left wing, criminally late-term pro-abortionist who would vote to terminate the lives of the youngest human beings.

But today’s ultra sensitive society considered Moore’s alleged sexual improprieties a greater evil than abortion. Even the Trumpian New York Post agreed with the Alabama vote.


Plot thickens to overthrow Trump



OBJECTIVE: To get President Trump impeached and his presidency overthrown.

COMMAND CENTER: FBI headquarters in the J. Edgar Hoover Building, 935 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC.

BATTLE PLAN: To undermine the President with relentless leaks of confidential matters, releasing classified information about Trump associates, and stonewalling Congressional requests for testimony and information about the FBI.

As investigative reporters Dick Morris and Eileen McGann have uncovered, Deep State operatives are working closely with special counsel Robert Mueller, whose sole purpose, under the guise of the so-called Russia collusion probe, is to bring down President Trump.

The top echelon of the Deep State includes, at the very least, the reporters say:

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

Fired FBI director James Comey and Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

Former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates and FBI agent Peter Strzok, shown here with Mueller.

It was Strzok who altered Comey’s original memo on Hillary Clinton’s handling of IMG_0643her emails from guilty of “gross negligence” to the much less severe “extreme carelessness” so that she would escape prosecution on a federal crime that could have sent her to jail.

In addition to the obvious operatives, there are many other Hillary Clinton supporters and Donald Trump haters plotting the president’s removal from within the walls of the the Special Prosecutor’s Office and the FBI.

Read the comprehensive article by Dick Morris & Eileen McGann HERE.

‘An Event of Biblical Significance’


Trump makes Jerusalem Israel’s capital, defying warnings he will set the Middle East on fire 


Will move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem


Palestinians said Trump is ‘declaring war in the Middle East’


The terror group Hamas said Trump has opened ‘the gates of hell’


Jerusalem is the holiest city of three religions but has never been recognized by the U.S. or most other countries as Israel’s capital — until now!