Geert Wilders battling Islam

“This is our land, not yours,” warns Geert Wilders, as Islam vows to conquer Netherlands!

Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders said the leader of the Islamic Denk party is a poison to society and to democracy, the newspaper AD reports.
Wilders, who leads the largest opposition party in the Netherlands, shot back at remarks by Denk party leader Tunahun Kuzu, that if the Dutch don’t like diversity with people of different cultures, they should “get lost”— i.e., leave the country.
“This is our land, not yours,” Wilders warned Kuzu.

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Geert Wilders sets out to slay the ‘Establishment’

EU dictators are killing Europe by Geert Wilders
, Nov. 26, 2017 We need to show that Europe’s streets are our streets, and we do not want to be colonized by Islam. Europe belongs to us! Islam has already gained a strong foothold in Western Europe. Its streets have come to resemble the Middle East. Parts of …

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Geert Wilders keeps hammering away

“We are the victims of people like you,” Wilders tells Dutch PM Rutte, “who have flooded our country with Muslims.” Wilders, the anti-Islam, anti-EU crusader, is no longer a voice in the wilderness. In the last election, his Freedom Party won 20 seats in the Netherlands Parliament, up from its previous 12 seats, boosting the …

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Trudeau doppelgänger surges in Dutch election polls

Dutch election superstar Jesse Klaver, 30, is the youngest partly leader in Dutch history. Born to a Moroccan father and Indonesian mother, he is — like Trudeau — a liberal who favors immigration and delivers a message of tolerance. He also has the hope and optimism of a Barack Obama, with the same call to voters, ‘Ja dat unnen we‘ — ‘Yes we can.’

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