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Slapping the cuffs on Tommy Robinson

The fate of Tommy Robinson: Unknown!

Mystery of the anti-Islamist activist Tommy Robinson becomes more murky. Disputed reports abound that he has been moved to a Muslim dominated prison where he faces sure death. But who knows? British government officials refuse to comment.

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London bobbies have no bollocks!

London under Muslim Mayor Sadiq Khan is under bloody attack by knife-wielding madmen, acid attacks, rapes, murders, and drive-by shootings. Emergency ward doctors say the hospitals are like war zones.

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Britain, land of tyranny


The Tommy Robinson case

British activist and Islam critic Tommy Robinson was arrested  for “breaching the peace” while he was covering a trial of Islamic rapists, and within a few hours, without access to a lawyer, sentenced to 13 months behind bars in Hull Prison, where he now faces death by Muslim inmates. The judge ordered the British media not to report the story.

— From Ben Garrison, fearless political cartoonist
Great Britain has become an Orwellian, globalist police state. Once the land of the Magna Carta, it’s now the land of tyranny.
Free speech is gone in the U.K.
The imprisonment of Tommy Robinson proves that. There was no legitimate charge, no trial, no due process. Instead, he was disappeared into jail where death threatens him.
Remember, an anti-Muslim  was imprisoned for a year for leaving a bacon sandwich near a mosque. He was murdered while locked up. The same threat looms for Robinson.
The media are not allowed to talk about it. It’s the ‘law.’
What’s next, England—people getting ‘disappeared’ into gulags or the being shot in the back of the head, Stalin-style?
It’s good to see many patriotic citizens in England protesting Robinson’s arrest. Unfortunately, they’ve all been disarmed.
Let that reinforce a lesson for us Americans: Never, ever give up your guns. If our government ignores our Constitutional rights and tries to ‘disappear’ us into prison camps, we’ll know what to do.


O Canada, Where Art Thou?

Trudeau has surrendered to the Muslims!

He needs their vote to keep a majority government.

Justin Trudeau received 70 percent of the Muslim vote when he was elected Prime Minister in 2015.

And it’s been payback time ever since.

Justin Trudeau

Unlike almost every PM before him, Trudeau has turned his back on Israel to keep the support of Canada’s Muslim population, particularly in Ontario and Quebec.

The Muslim vote is crucial for Trudeau and his Liberal Party to keep a majority in government.

That’s why Trudeau instructed his ambassador in Israel to boycott the opening ceremony of the U.S embassy in Jerusalem. 

That’s why he’s calling for an independent probe against Israel for using “excessive force” in the Gaza shootings on the day of the opening — a demand that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu angrily rejected in a personal phone call to Trudeau.Palestinians riot at US Embassy openingAs usual ultra liberal left wing Trudeau has it backwards. Israel was defending itself against 40,000 Hamas thugs who sparked the deadly violence against Israel with guns, bombs, and butcher knives as they tried to break through Israel’s security fence. 

They set fire to hundreds of tires to create a thick smoke screen so Palestinian terrorists could storm Israel and murder its citizens.Stephen Harper and Benjamin NetanyahuIsrael longs for the days of Canadian prime ministers like Trudeau’s predecessor Stephen Harper, who was a fearless ally of Israel and to this day continues to be a loyal advocate, up to an including his public support of Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Iran Nuclear Deal.