Czech Republic’s war with Islam

Wants to ban islam
No globalists here!

Czech lawmakers have ramped up the rhetoric in a campaign to ban Islam, calling it a violent ideology that has no place in the Republic.

Influential members of parliament seek to impose an outright ban on the Muslim religion throughout the land.

‘If someone calls for the killing of infidels and Jews, then it is not a religion of peace,’ says right-wing parliamentarian Jiri Kobza.


All ideologies that promote hatred and violence should be banned, and that includes Islam, fascism and Nazism, he says.

Kobza is a member of one of the largest parties in parliament, the right-wing Freedom and Direct Democracy organization, headed  by Japanese-Czech Tomio Okamura.

“We want to stop any Islamization of the Czech Republic,” says Okamura. “We push for zero tolerance of migration.”

Czech President Milos Zeman is also an outspoken opponent. Islam does not belong in Europe, he said.

Muslim migrants who get into Europe come from a “culture of murderers and religious hatred,” Zeman said.

All ideologies that promote hatred and violence should be banned, including fascism and Nazism, he added. Muslims will never integrate into non-Muslim societies.

Impossible to integrate muslims

There is a strong anti-Islam culture throughout the Czech Republic, which has 11,000 Muslims or 0.1 percent of the population.

We do not want more Muslims in Czech Republic, former Social Democratic Prime Minister Bohuslav Sobotka said in an interview last year.


“The small and the middle-sized Central European nations have never been able to rid themselves of their fear that they could be annihilated or that their national community could cease to exist,” university lecturer Dr. Jan Čulík wrote in a recent article titled ‘Why Is the Czech Republic So Hostile to Muslims and Refugees?’


La France est finie!

France is in “a tragic and terrifying moment” in its history.

We have arrived after decades of mistakes and self-hatred at the end of the road,” said famed political journalist Éric Zemmour in a damning interview.

Islamization of France

“France has been white and Christian, but now it is being colonized by a foreign civilisation,” said the author of Le Suicide Français and most recently Destin Français.

And the worst of it is, the Islamization of France has been planned all along by dangerously liberal globalist President Emmanuel Macron.

Macron planning Islamization of France

Macron’s Secret Islamization Plans

French Education Minister wants mandatory teaching of Arabic in schools

Éric Zemmour, whose new book Destin Français was released Wednesday, caused an uproar among liberal globalists a while back when he said Muslims “should be deported to prevent civil war.”

After a Jewish woman was brutally murdered by a madman in Paris last April, Zemmour said that unrelenting Islamic violence would lead to an exodus of non-Muslims from French cities and towns.

“It’s solely because they are French, because they are Jewish, because they are Christians, because they are ‘infidels,’ as they say in the Muslim religion.”

This exodus of non-Muslims is consequently leaving those areas under the dominance of Islamic immigrants.

“The result is that there are more and more territories composed uniquely of Muslim populations, since the others run away because of this violence.”

No-Go Zones Spreading Across France

Sweden will turn right Sept. 9 as citizens try to end life in hell


Far-right leader Jimmie Akesson (left) is competing against PM Stefan Loefven and has pledged to end to the epidemic of migrant crime and violence that is ravaging Sweden.

By Guy de  Michél

Anti-immigration populist party ready to take over!

“Why should we care about Islam? Sweden is not an Islamic country. Why should we be influenced by one of the worst ideologies in the world?” — Rightist legislator.

Migrants have turned Sweden into the ‘Rape Capital of the Western World.’

But the general public has been kept in the dark about the epidemic of Swedish rapes because the mainstream media and the Swedish government conspired to cover it up!


Media cover-up!

Murders and other violent crime are particularly rampant in the city of Malmo, where nearly half the population is now of immigrant background.

Akesson’s anti-immigration party, bearing Trumpian signs of nationalism like ‘Swedes First!’ and ‘Keep Sweden Swedish!’ is expected to win more seats in Parliament than any other party.

The anti-immigration, anti-European Union and often anti-Muslim party, with roots in neo-Nazism and white nationalism, is riding the wave of populism that’s sweeping across Europe.

The right-wing movement has influenced voters in Italy, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Austria, France and Germany.


Populist parties under siege by left wing anarchists

A gang of thugs dressed all in black burned down an election tent belonging to the populist Sweden Democrats party in the city of Gothenburg.

A few days earlier, an office of the Italian populist party La Lega, led by Right-wing champion Matteo Salvini, was bombed in the city of Treviso by far-left anarchists.

In Germany, Antifa (antifascist) criminals have distributed a terrorist handbook on how to attack offices of the right-wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) party.

The Sept. 9 election in Sweden will be an historic game-changer in that Nordic nation, where socialists have dominated every election for more than 100 years.

But the unchecked mass influx of migrants and refugees from mostly Muslim countries and the crime and violence they bring with them are too much to bear for the normally genteel Swedish people.

Migrant gangs crime wave


Sweden, with a population of just 10 million, took in nearly 200,000 migrants during Merkel’s 2015 open-border debacle — reportedly the most per capita in the world.

Muslim immigrants are destroying the Swedish culture and pushing the socialist country’s generous public services to breaking point. The right-wing Sweden Democrats have pledged to turn that around.

“Why should we change into a Middle Eastern country?” said Richard Jomshof, a Sweden Democrat lawmaker. “Why should we care about Islam? Sweden is not an Islamic country. Why should we be influenced by one of the worst ideologies in the world?”

— With notes from Vilhelm Mer in Stockholm

Sweden fights to stay Swedish
Keep out of Sweden!

Viktor Orbán, Rebel with a Cause!

Anti-immigration rightist

A rebel and a visionary, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has done battle with immigration-crazy globalists like Germany’s Angela Merkel and George Soros, the filthy rich left-wing madman who tried to destroy the soul of Hungary.

The right-wing hero has taken a lead role in stemming the tide of uncontrolled immigration from mostly Muslim countries, and the resultant savagery of rape, violence and social chaos that’s tearing Europe apart.

Orbán’s mission in his own country is to preserve Hungary’s Christian culture, and to do that he must fight an overwhelming Muslim influence that the dictatorial European Parliament has unleashed across the continent.

By rebelling against the globalist demands of the European Union, Orbán has inspired voters in Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Germany, Slovakia and Slovenia to install rightist leaders who will restore the shattered cultures of their unique and undividual countries.

Europe torn apart


Orbán, Hungary’s longest serving leader since the fall of communism in 1989, was elected to a third term in April, giving him another four years to help bring sanity to  the European Union. Additionally, his Fidesz party won a super majority in parliament, with the power to make constitutional changes.


Orban, early leader
Viktor Orbán, left, at a meeting in Budapest in 1989 of the liberal youth group Fidesz, which would go on to become a powerful force in Hungary. (Photo: Tibor Rozsahegyi/MTI)

“Although Orbán governs a small country, the movement he represents is of global importance,” notes the Bulgarian analyst Ivan Krastev.

A global power-ranking survey of countries based on their influence in the world  — which has the U.S. and Russia on top — ranks Hungary at a mere 73 out of 80.

But “Hungary is gaining an unprecedented centrality in Europe, with Orbán becoming the continent’s most important leader,” writes Daniel Pipes.

Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum, has written the most thorough and erudite article to date on Hungary and the Muslim situation.

Herewith that story in its entirety

One of Orbán’s most admired world leaders was Ronald Reagan, America’s 33rd president (1981-89) — understandable since Orbán governs with a Republican Party-type strength not unlike Donald Trump.

Orbán is even tough and uncompromising in his choice of favorite movie — Sergio Leone’s 1968 western epic ‘Once Upon a Time in the West.’

The 55-year-old right-wing hero is a star in his own right now. This is Orbán’s time. Once Upon a Time in Europe!

Guy de Michêlin in Prague