THE DEATH OF FRANCE: No-go zones spread to cities


Violent “no-go” zones occupied by rapists, murderers, drug traffickers, youth gangs and ruled only by Islamic law have spread from the suburbs to the heart of Paris and other cities.

imagesAnd, as political analyst Judith Bergman writes in Gatestone, President Emmanuel Macron blames France, not Islam, for the increased radicalization.

As usual, super liberal Macron has sa tête dans le cul.

Macron says the increased radicalization should lead France to “question itself.”

“We allowed, in too many cities, too many districts, representatives of a distortion of a Unknownreligion, which are full of hate and disenfranchisement to provide solutions that the Republic no longer gives,” Macron said

But, Bergman asks, “Did the French republic impose sharia and the subjugation of women in the suburbs, described by one female survivor as ‘hell’?”

“Was the French republic behind the recent distribution of leaflets stipulating, ‘If you meet a Jew, kill him’?”




French citizens singing the national anthem drown out chanting Muslims


The French Republic is tarnished, said the mayor

As Muslims chanted “Allahu Akbar” and prayed in the public square in the Paris suburb of Clichy-la-Garenne on Friday, French citizens ultimately stopped them by singing La Marseillaise and waving French flags.

“I must assure the tranquility and freedom of the people in my city,” said the mayor, Remi Muzeau, who led the protest. “We must not allow this to happen in our country. Our country, the French Republic is tarnished.”

Mayor Muzeau, carrying a large banner that read: “Stop Illegal Street Prayers,” led more than 100 demonstrators in a show of force to stop Muslims from praying in the town’s market square.


The Muslims, who have been praying in public every Friday for several months to protest the shortage of mosques, carried their own banner that read: “United for a Grand Mosque of Clichy.”

As the Muslims spread their prayer rugs on the pavement, took off their shoes and began their prayers, riot police formed a human barricade between the two groups.

The tense confrontation was defused, but the mayor and the Muslims were equally adamant that they would be back again next Friday to conduct the same protest.

“We’ll do it every Friday if necessary,” said Muzeau.

A city invaded

Migrants have destroyed the quality of life in the Italian town of Ventimiglia, which used to be known as “the gem of the Italian Riviera.”


Those days are over, as the European Union allows a menacing flow of illegal immigrants and lawless asylum seekers from mostly Muslim lands to pour into its member countries, with no regard for the citizenry. To hell with the so-called sovereignty of the people. The EU doesn’t care about that.

That dictatorial, self-righteous, insulated body just caters to the likes of German Chancellor Merkel, who started all the migrant mayhem when she opened up Germany’s borders and unleashed the horror of mass migration.

In the Mediterranean town of Ventimiglia, hordes of angry migrants roam the streets, women are no longer safe, the tourism industry is ruined.


Life will never be the same again in Ventimiglia. Like cities and towns across Europe, the quality of life, the uniqueness, the history, the beauty, the joy have all been destroyed.

Razor-wire fences at the border


Hungary’s Orban fights the “Soros mafia network and the Brussels bureaucrats.”

Razor-wire fences along its borders keep the country free from the mass Muslim migration into Europe being engineered by the European Union and Hugarian-American globalist George Soros.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban, backed by other Central European countries, said he will never submit to the EU-Soros scheme to create a “new, mixed, Muslimized Europe.”


The anti-migration prime minister is committed to keeping Hungary free of migrants “who could change the country’s cultural identity.”

Under his leadership, Hungary would remain a place where “Western European Christians will always be able to find security,” said Orban, who will seek a fourth term in April 2018.

images“We have to stand our ground against the Soros mafia network and the Brussels bureaucrats. And, during the next nine months, we will have to fight against the media they operate.”

Soros-funded organizations seek to weaken Hungary’s security with their advocacy for asylum-seekers, Orban said.

But Hungary is blocking the “migrant invasion” with a 280-mile-long razor wire barrier along its borders with Serbia and Croatia which will completely seal the country off from southern Europe.

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