Gay Pride, Vancouver

Trudeau is an embarrassment and a danger to Canada

While Toronto is under a terrorist threat, Trudeau makes an embarrassing spectacle of himself as the first Canadian prime minister to march in Vancouver's annual Pride Parade. This politically correct, ultra liberal gadabout is an embarrassment and a danger to Canada,

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U.S. CODE § 1182


The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 grants “the President broad authority to bar or impose conditions upon the entry of aliens.”

U.S. Code § 1182

Inadmissible aliens: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

The seven countries

Three of them — Iran, Sudan and Syria — comprise the State Department’s list of state sponsors of terrorism. The other four — Iraq, Libya, Somalia and Yemen — are designated “terrorist safe havens” by the State Department.

Total ban on Syrians 


Islamic State militant group that organizes terrorist acts around the world operates in Syria, which has been devastated by a nearly six-year-long civil war. About 11 million Syrians — half the population — have been displaced.

TERRORISM: Trump-tough vs. Trudeau-soft

Trump warns Islamic terrorists: “America will defeat you. We will not allow you to take root in our country.”

“We are up against an enemy that celebrates death and worships destruction,” Trump told service members at MacDill Air Force Base on Monday. “[The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant] is on a campaign of genocide, committing atrocities across the world. Radical Islamic terrorists are determined to strike our homeland as they did on 9/11, as they did from Boston to Orlando to San Bernardino.”

Trump is expected to use his executive authority to list the Muslim Brotherhood and some of its front groups in the U.S. — CAIR USA, ISNA and the North American Islamic Trust — as terrorist entities.

Meanwhile in Canada:

Muslim Brotherhood front groups are infiltrating Trudeau’s Liberal Party and gaining political power.

Maryam Monsef

A number of Canadian Members of Parliament have Islamist connections and advocate sharia law. Maryam Monsef, the 32-year-old Minister of Status of Women who was born in Iran to Afghan parents, directly stated, “Sharia fascinates me.”

In December of 2015, Trudeau sent a video message to the “Reviving the Islamic Spirit” conference in which he stressed “our shared beliefs.”

This, despite the fact the conference is sponsored by and has been attended by a virtual who’s-who list of Muslim Brotherhood front group members.

Linda Sarsour

The conference featured Linda Sarsour, a foul-mouthed anti-semitic rabble-rouser who is currently leading a number of U.S. demonstrations against Trump and has ties to a variety of Islamist groups. Many members of her family have a long history with HAMAS – another Muslim Brotherhood spin-off organization.

Trudeau’s Canada continues to act as host for a variety of Muslim Brotherhood front groups while taking no visible political action against them.

In 2016 Trudeau chose not to observe any official 9/11 memorial ceremony to honour the Canadians who died that day. However, the very next day, he attended the Ottawa Main Mosque which has multiple links to extremism.



Dutch Freedom Party leader blasts Europe’s ‘leftist dictatorship and cowardly leaders.’

“If the Netherlands and Europe had closed the borders to immigrants, a lot of innocent victims of terrorism would be alive today,” Geert Wilders told the Dutch Parliament.

February 2, 2017 


Geert Wilders: President Donald Trump, what a relief! What a relief in comparison with the leftist dictatorship of the fearful cowardly and willfully blind leaders that we have in the rest of Europe and also here in this Chamber. It makes one cry. I tell you, finally America has a President, finally a Western country has a President who not only fulfills his promises, but also states that the security of his own citizens is his primary concern.

I tell you, Foreign Minister, that, in two weeks’ time, President Trump has passed an immigration policy that is more effective than that of your entire cabinet as long as it has existed. If we in the Netherlands, in Europe, had done what Mr Trump does – namely close the borders to people from places such as Syria – then these people, including terrorists, would not have come our way and then a lot of innocent people, innocent victims of terrorism in Europe, would still be alive today.

Speaker of the House: And your question is?

Wilders: Stop shedding crocodile tears. My question is: Learn from Trump and stop chickening out like cowards.

Foreign Minister Bert Koenders: The chaos we now see in the international world when it comes to air travel, does nothing to do increase the security of our people. On the contrary, it tears people apart.

Wilders: What this minister, Mrs Merkel and Prime Minister Rutte have done is open borders. Come on in everyone, do come in. Even when you have a fake passport or no identity card, come on in everyone. And we’ve seen what happens then. We have seen that with the asylum influx, the tsunami of asylum seekers, which was already disruptive in itself, terrorists have come along from countries such as Syria – because you agreed with it, because you refused to check them – who, all over Europe, from Paris to Berlin, have murdered innocent people. You’d better stop talking about security! Because of the open borders and bringing people from Islamic countries here, attacks were committed in Europe. Stop the lies!